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Agua Dulce Storage

Agua Dulce Storage

Agua Dulce Storage: 5 Common Mistakes People Make when Placing Items in storage. Whether you need short term storage solutions or long-term storage solutions in Agua Dulce, you still need to know the common mistakes that most people make when placing their items in Agua Dulce storage.  This way you can learn these mistakes and avoid them before you place your belongings storage.


Mistake #1: Not doing research– While there are many storage centers, most people simply perform an online search for Agua Dulce storage and choose the first storage company they see. This is a bad idea, because they can end up spending more money than anticipated.  The best thing to do is write down a list of everything you want in a storage unit. Portable. Secure. Quick and easy access. You want to make a list, and find storage units that offer amenities that match your list.

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Mistake # 2Not being prepared– It goes without saying placing your items in Agua Dulce storage is a big task. You have to think about what you will store, what you will toss, how long your items will be in storage, and so forth.  Most people who are moving or placing their items in storage, have no idea how long they will need to keep their items in storage.  Therefore, they pack all their items in one storage unit without having a definite day they will retrieve their items.  While anything can happen, it’s best to have a game plan on when you will place your items in storage, how often you will need access to them, and when you will pick them up.

Mistake # 3:  Not checking with their storage facility – There are many people who think they can store anything in their storage unit. This is simply not the case. You can’t store flammable items, weapons, food,   or any living or perishable items.    Therefore, it’s best to double check with your storage facility on what you can and cannot store.

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Mistake # 4: Not insuring your items – While there are many  storage centers in Agua Dulce  that offer limited content protection plans, they still don’t cover all of your belongings. This is why it’s important to do your research and look for insurance options that protect your items while they are in storage.

Mistake # 5:   Not using more than one storage unit– While many people try to cut costs by stuffing their belongings in one unit, it can cause more harm than good.   Your items may fall or become damaged. This is why it’s important to assess how many storage units you actually need and order the amount of storage units you need. This way your items will be safe and secure and free from damage.


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When you are searching for a safe, affordable and convenient storage solution in Agua Dulce, call Box-n-Go storage.  We can tell you all you need to know about the moving and storage process.  Call us today and reserve your storage space now!

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