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Bel-Air Storage 90077

Storage in Bel Air

Place your Art work in our Bel-air storage today!

If you are an Art collector or an owner of a special masterpiece, you know how important Art is.  Therefore, when it’s time to move, remodel your home or declutter your space in the 90077 area, you want to make sure your Art work is in a safe place? and away from harm. This is why many people search for storage 90077 or storage in Bel-air,90077. When you place your Art work in storage? in the 90077 area of Bel-Air you can have a peace of mind knowing it’s safe and secure.

What should you know about storing art work before you search for storage in Bel-Air?

Find a climate controlled storage unit.

When it comes to storing Art work in a storage center in Bel-Air, it’s slightly different than storing other valuable items. Since, water paint, colors, and canvases are involved, it’s important that you store your Art work in a climate controlled storage unit in the 90077 area. This way you can avoid oil leakage, paint damage, and more while your art is stored in a safe and secure place in Bel-Air.

Avoid bubble wrap and newspaper when storing your paintings in Bel-Air storage!

If you have oil based paintings, or any type of painting for that matter, you should avoid wrapping your Art work in bubble wrap and newspaper. Failure to do so can cause water damage, and damage the entire painting.  So, think twice about wrapping before you put your art work in storage in Bel-air ?.


Store your paintings vertically

It’s highly advisable that you store you paintings vertically and from smallest to largest.  If possible, you should try to divide your paintings by using a divider or something that separates the paintings.

Why place your Art work in our Bel-air storage?

While there are many reasons to place your Art work in storage, there are some that stand out more than the others. Here are some reasons why Art collectors, Art enthusiasts, and Artists prefer our storage in Bel-air and search for storage online:


       Artists can have their work delivered to anywhere they have a show in the 90077 area, Bel-Air or out of State 

       Art collectors have a safe and secure place to protect their Art in the 90077 are of Bel-Air 

       Art enthusiasts can temporarily store their art until they move from the 90077 area or out of State



In addition to the reasons why Artists prefer our storage many people choose Box-n-Go for the following reasons:


      We are   accessible

       We are  convienent 

       We are in  close proximity to the 90077 area

      We are  affordable 

      We are  safe and secure 

       We are  flexible

       We are reliable

Search for storage 90077 in Bel-air and discover the difference. 

Whether you are storing Art work or basic household items and furniture, you can rely on Box-n-Go  storage  in Bel-air to provide you with spacious and affordable storage solutions. Call Box-n-Go in the 90077 area  at 1-866-631-8523 and rent a portable storage unit today!


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