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Onsite Storage Space for the Extra Space You Need

Moving is an inevitable reality of life. For any growth or expansion, it is necessary that you relocate. But when you are moving to a different location, it becomes quite a hassle to keep your belongings safe, if you cannot move them. In such a situation, onsite storage can come to you rescue. To store your items, it is obvious that you will look for storage for cheap so that it can fit your budget. In that case, box it storage can be ideal solution for you. It offers as much convenience as it is possible, in terms of space as well as limited budget.

Flexibility is the one word that feels alien to much of the traditional storage industry. When you book a typical storage space, you do not get much flexibility. Sure, you get a nice location where you can keep all your items safe. The area is guarded, which means your items are not getting stolen. However, you have to do all the work. You must load your items on a truck, drive the truck to the storage location and then unload everything.

To call it a hassle is an understatement. Especially if you have other things going on. Say you are finishing final exams and about to leave for the summer. Can you spare a day that is dedicated to packing and moving? Probably not. What if you are going through major construction at your home? Is driving to a storage location on your bucket list for today? I doubt it.

Using Onsite Storage

The good news is that finding storage for cheap does not mean you need to give up on certain features. While a traditional storage company does not offer flexibility, other companies do. Look out for onsite storage companies that offer storage for cheap around the country. These onsite storage companies, such as Box-n-Go, are your best option. You will get your tailored onsite storage facilities from these teams that will suit your needs.

Say you are going through a major remodel at your home. You want a solution that gives you storage for cheap. It is understandable. You need storage for cheap as you are already spending a lot on your remodel. But you also want some convenience. That is what you get with onsite storage.

How Box It Storage Solutions Work

When you use a box it storage company, such as Box-n-Go, you get a container delivered to your doorstep. It is the most convenient storage option in the world. Maybe you are remodeling three major rooms in your home. Instead of pushing that furniture into other rooms, you can get a storage container parked outside your home. This is how your belongings can remain within your closely accessible area.

The beauty of box it storage is the flexibility on offer. When your container is full, you can do anything with it. You can even keep it right outside for weeks. You are paying for the storage – it does not matter where the container goes!

If you do need the container moved, the box it storage company will come and collect it. They keep it at a secure facility until you ask for it back. You can even have them transport it to another address or storage facility if you want. In terms of maximum flexibility and convenience, these storage facilities are your best friend.

Box N Go Eliminates the Need to Pay for More Space Than You Need. Have you ever noticed that most self storage companies offer a one size fits all approach to self storage?  And I’m sure you’ve realized that this means that if you don’t need all the space they are offering you are still paying for that empty space.  At Box N Go, we see to it that you pay self storage space rent based on your unique space needs.

Pricing of Onsite Storage

onsite storage
onsite storage

At Box N Go, our simple system insures that our customers save money on their self storage space rent. With a typical storage concept it is easy to incorrectly estimate the storage unit size you will need, which can cost you big time as you will be charged for the entire container even if you only end up needing a small part of it. But with you can get exactly as much space as you need. And you will have to only pay for that.


Box N Go storage solves this problem by offering modular units sized at 5×8.  These containers are brought to you to fill, saving you time and money. Using our self storage space estimator, calculate how many containers you think you will need.  Feel free to error on the side of caution as you will only be charged for the containers you actually use no matter how many you request brought to your door.  So even if our self storage space estimator is way off, you are still in the clear.


Next, just load them up and we will bring the containers to our secure storage facility.  Accessing your belongings is just as easy.  You may either come to our centrally located warehouse to meet our staff any day of the seven days a week. Or just give us a call and we will schedule a prompt delivery of your items to the location of your choice.  It is so simple.

So why not go with Box N Go?  They really have thought of everything.