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Gunjan S., Los Angeles, CA

I would recommend Box-n-Go to my friends.

I used Box-n-go in April 2008 when I lived around USC (downtown LA) and their service was simple, easy and pain free. The delivery person dropped off the box in the specified time window and he was nice enough to drop it off right in front of the main entrance of my apartment, which made all the difference since I was packing everything by myself. Then, I decided to use them again last week to move my stuff after I got laid-off. This time, I lucked out and sold my furniture to a couple who decided to sublease my apartment yesterday. In all the madness of packing and leaving a lot of stuff behind, I forgot to call and cancel the appointment for Box-n-Go because I was able to fit all my stuff in my car. Today, the Box-n-Go person called when he arrived at my old apartment. I told him that I had forgotten to cancel and he wished me good luck and carried on. A little while later, I got a text message from my credit card company that I had been charged for the delivery charges. Understandably, I incurred a delivery charge because I had forgotten to cancel my appointment. But, I called their toll-free number, spoke with Stan and he offered to cut the charge in half. When I explained how I had lost my job and offered to send him a copy of my layoff letter, he waived the entire charge!! I am pleasantly surprised – sure, it may not be a lot of money to some people, but $85 is a big deal to someone who was laid off 3 days ago and is crashing on his friend’s couches. I am really appreciative of this gesture. I would recommend Box-n-Go to my friends and I hope this business continues to do well for a long time to come.