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Karista H., North Hollywood, CA

This was the most super convenient storage situation I’ve ever had.

Easy ordering online, very responsive when I called to speak to a live person, they were on time, friendly, and personable the whole way through. I ordered two pods they put out on the street and I took 5 days to load everything into them. I ordered extra supplies and boxes (all came just as ordered). This is the perfect way to systematically organize your move. When I saw a few pods out and about randomly, I thought what a great idea! The expense of renting a truck to get everything into storage was gonna be a bummer and you know how your friends with trucks magically disappear when it comes to moving? Box-n-Go eliminates all of that!

I can’t say enough good things about Box-n-Go as a company. If you’ve ever dealt with any other storage facilities you know there are fees for this and that and everything in between. But Box-n-Go’s prices never went up on me and they always called me when my units were a few days away from accruing a late fee if I forgot to make a payment. Other storage facilities are stuck on policies and make you feel like they’re doing you a favor by having the facility there that YOU pay for, that doesn’t feel like I’m a customer. At Box-n-Go, Frank knew who I was every time I called, looked into my account, and always looked out and took care of me like he was my brother. The only recommendation I have is to get another storage location in North Los Angeles…i.e. The Valley!