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Liz S., Irvine, CA

This was an excellent moving experience.

One really does not expect great customer service from a moving company, but that is exactly what I got from Box-n-Go. They offered me a *much* lower quote for a cross-country move than any other company ($1600 compared to $2500). The pods were smaller, but very easy to use. The staff were polite and responsive by phone and email. They showed up on time for drop off and pick up. I did get charged extra for my pod being too heavy; I braced for bad news when they told me that there would be an extra fee… then it turned out to be $60… not a big deal at all.

The pod arrived on the east coast when they said it would. The guy I spoke to at the company that Box-n-Go contracts with in Philly told me there would be a $100 fee for the local delivery to my new apartment. I called Stan at Box-n-Go to ask if that was correct and he said “no”. Then Stan immediately tracked that guy down and set him straight. He called me back and apologized for the confusion. So I paid no extra charge for the local delivery in Philly, which also went well. It was easy to place the pod, even on a city street, since it is relatively small.

Our stuff arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend Box-n-Go.