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Michelle D., Los Angeles, CA


My old landlord dropped a 30 day notice to leave right before I had to go on a trip so actually I had about 2 weeks to move my entire apartment out. This was super convenient and the service was excellent! You pretty much order the boxes. I ordered 4 since I have a lot of stuff. The PODS get delivered to your house. (make sure to save some parking space right in front of your place to make for easier moving) and once your are done lock em up (with your own locks) and they pick it up. they store for a reasonable price at there storage or you can have them deliver to your next apartment! easy peasy! The only downfall was if you have extremely large couches it will not fit. So make sure to get the dimensions of the PODS and make sure to see if anything you have wont fit. Good for: College Kids moving or small apartment move.