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Moka P., Los Angeles, CA

The Box-n-Go guys took care of me.

I decided to move unexpectedly in March of 2011 and I had way too many items to take with me. It was the day before my move and I needed to figure out how to move my items in storage. I called a lot of box companies and movers and most of them laughed at me for calling to reserve a slot with less than 24 hours notice. The Box-N-Go guys took care of me and at the best rate too! They were very professional, quick and organized, and to my surprise, didn’t have any problem finding a spot to place the box at my downtown apartment.

I didn’t have a need to visit the storage facility to take any of my items out, but I did store my stuff for a few months. They delivered the box on-time to my new home with all of my items intact exactly as I had placed them. This was the best storage experience I’ve had. A+