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Naomi S., Inglewood, CA

Super convenient!!

For the last twenty or so years my grandmothers garage was the storage for pretty much everyone in the family. Cousins, uncles, aunts, grand-kids, you name it everyone had something in there. Well out of nowhere she decided to let my aunt have the house which def meant modern renovations because you can imagine how old everything was after twenty years and no tlc. Well with that said, my aunt was very adamant about everyone getting their stuff out the garage so it could b renovated. Which is understandable but she only gave us two weeks!!! So everyone is scrambling around trying to figure out what they’re going to do w their stuff and some family members just said throw their stuff away because they don’t have anywhere to put extra things etc. NOT ME!! I want my things. Were talking years of book collections and all sorts of treasures. I did some research and came across Box-n-Go and figured it was absolutely perfect for this situation. I told everyone about it and said whoever wanted to pitch in can put their stuff n there. So we were able to divide the fees between four people! I called and Freddie took awesome care of me. He got three boxes out to my grandmas house and we had almost a week to sort through our junk and get it in there before they come picked it up. I was even able to add the family members to the list of authorized users so that they could go access the storage without me being there. Fast forward to this week where we decided to get our stuff out after almost a year of sharing the fees, Freddie made it real convenient to get our stuff back to us. Our boxes will b delivered on Saturday and we have until Monday to empty the containers. Freddie gave excellent customer service and I had a great and very easy experience. If I ever need storage again or if I know anyone that needs it Box-n-Go surely comes highly recommended from me.