Self Storage Huntington Beach California

Packing a home for self storage is paramount keeping your belongings in good condition. Especially if you plan on needing them later down the line.  When you are considering self storage Huntington Beach California, residents can use the mobile units by Box-Go Storage. These mobile storage units are delivered to your location. This allows you to pack the units at the ground level. There are no ramps to worry about. No lifting of your heavy furniture pieces to the truck bed.

Loading tips for Self Storage Huntington Beach CA

Follow the guidelines below to make packing for self storage a breeze.

Self Storage Huntington Beach California

Self Storage Huntington Beach California


Sports Equipment

Over the years, many of us collect fitness equipment. It can be skis, garden toys for the children, like trampolines, and bikes. You want to clean them and wrap them to avoid damage and warping.

Dismantle the heavy sports equipment, like a multi gyms. This is so it can be stored efficiently. The heavy equipment is usually bulky. By taking it apart, you can gain the valuable space inside your self storage.

Yard Items

Gardens are full of wooden and stone furniture, children swings, slides, pots and other cumbersome and fragile, but heavy items. Pack them well. Dismantle them into the smaller parts where possible. Wrap to protect, however.

  • Drain any fuel and other liquids from mowers and other powered equipment like chain saws, because not only the fuel smells, it is hazardous.
  • Pack with weight in mind. Especially tool kits, to ensure they are not too heavy. Basically make sure you can carry each part. its just common sense.
  • Be aware of any inflammable or hazardous materials.

Valuables and Personal Documents

Pack these separately and keep them with you.  However, do not store the passports and other personal papers.

Once packed the mobile storage unit is collected and taken to a secure storage facility.  That makes self storage Huntington Beach California an easier proposition as there is no need to commute to a storage site. The storage comes to you, instead.


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