Self Storage Sun Valley CA

Self Storage Sun Valley CA

Self Storage Sun Valley CA

When considering moving your household items into Self Storage Sun Valley CA, residents should heed the advice below when moving furniture.

Moving furniture involves more effort and extra care, because the furniture pieces tend to be large and cannot be placed in a box. If a part of furniture can be removed, like glass tops, table legs, bed frames, doors, shelves, etc., then remove it. Then carefully label which piece it belongs to. If possible, keep the assembly instruction books that came with the furniture to the piece.  Keep all hardware in a small bag taped to the item.

Moving a couch or sofa often requires a lot of pushing and maneuvering. Sometimes even the removal of doors. It is not easy to determine if a sofa will fit through the door, it often requires some considerable thought.

Furniture Handling Tips for Self Storage Sun Valley CA

Here are some sofa or couch  moving tips –

  • Remove all the cushions. You can bag them, if they are small. Or simply wrap them with sheets. You can launder them later.
  • If you can remove the sofa’s legs, then remove them. Place the legs in the bag and try taping it to inside of the sofa (between the cushions).
  • Measure the height and width of the sofa and door, before you move. Often doors are too small to move the sofa through. You may also want to see if the sofa will fit inside the elevator or the stairs (if you live in the apartment).
  • Place cardboard on the floor to make sliding easier. You could also purchase some specialty sliders designed for this specific purpose.
  • Ensure that you have enough hands to help. Most sofas require at least 2 people for handling. Sometimes, if the sofa is large and the doors are narrow, you may need as many as 4 people.
  • If you are unsure, then hire professionals. This may be the best decision. Although professional movers are not cheap, they will make sure not to damage your house and you will not break your back, while moving your sofa.

Be very careful with the large and heavy furniture pieces. Try and see if you can even lift them, before you start moving them. If the piece is too large, or too heavy, it is best handled by professionals.

Using mobile storage from Box-n-Go Storage Sun Valley, residents can use the mobile units to easily load their furniture in their own time. Once you finish packing your storage units, Box-n-Go will collect them and will take them to our secure storage warehouse.


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