Storage Places Near 90027

Storage Places Near 90027

Storage Places Near 90027

If you are in need of storage places near 90027, the mobile storage units by Box-n-Go Storage offer an innovative solution.  They will deliver any number of mobile storage units to your location. You will pack the storage units on your own time.  The units are ground level. This ensures easy loading and easy access. Additionally the units are of a very heavy construction and easily secured overnight.

When looking for storage places near 90027, you can’t go wrong with mobile storage. Follow the mobile storage packing tips below to make your storage adventure a success:

Tip #1. Keep any items you need regular access to at the front of the unit.  Because of this it will be easy to retrieve them. Also you have no risk of damage to other items, while maneuvering around them.

Tip #2. Keep a clear pathway in the unit. Pack it last. However well you plan, you will need access to some item at the rear of the unit sometime.

Tip #3. Store the biggest and heaviest items at the floor level. Place the light, fragile and bulky items on the top.

Tip #4. When packing furniture, such as tables or bedsteads, remove legs and disassemble the components. This is recommended because you will save lots of space inside the storage unit. Place all small hardware, nuts and bolts into a zip lock bag. Tape it to the back of the furniture you took apart. To save further space store sofas and tabletops vertically in the unit, if they fit.

Box-n-Go offers many ways to store or move.

Once you finish packing, Box-n-Go will collect your mobile storage unit. You schedule the pick up of the unit, so make sure it is at a  convenient time. After the pick up, Box-n-Go will take it to a secure storage facility.  This will save you from any tiresome commute to a remote traditional storage site. Finding the right storage places near 90027 has never been that easy! Whether you reside in Los Feliz or adjacent neighborhoods, getting a mobile storage unit delivered to your address is always a right option. There is no need to rent a truck, drive it, load it multiple times, etc. Box-n-Go does all the heavy lifting.


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