Storage Units Venice CA

When we look around our homes, few of us have the luxury of being blessed with as much storage space as we need.  We all acquire possessions over the years. This leads to clutter in our homes. We can go through the process of donating or discarding some items. But we all have things we need to keep. Even if we don’t use them that regularly.  The solution for many is to take these extra belongings to storage units Venice CA. We can have access to the mobile units supplied by Box-n-Go StorageThe ways you can benefit with personal storage units are numerous.

Storage Units Venice CA

Storage Units Venice CA

Clean Up Clutter using storage units Venice CA

As outlined above, a self storage unit will allow you to pack away a lot of clutter from our homes garages, attics and offices. Once you pack away books, old furniture, old clothes and paperwork you can really appreciate the space in your home enjoy your home.

Protect Your Possessions

When you store goods in your closet, attic, or garage, you are exposing them to certain environmental risks.  A lot of these items are only rarely used. For example holiday decorations only used once a year.  In the meantime they are taking up space. They are also at risk of damage. Flooded garages, damp basements and hot insect prone attics are not the best environments for items you want to re-use. With a storage unit Venice CA, you get a controlled environment that will keep the elements and pests at bay.

Also, if you are thinking of selling, you, likely, want show the potential buyers how spacious your home is. This means you must declutter. Get those extra items out of your home, garage or attic and place them into storage units. If you decide to use the mobile storage units, like the ones from Box-n-Go, your future move will be a simple one. After all, we will deliver the the entire unit to your new address. You will pack or unpack only once. This saves money and time.

Pack your storage units Venice CA properly

The key in making sure your belongings are safe is proper packing. When you plan on storing your belongings, make sure pack the small items into cardboard boxes. If the items are fragile, make sure to wrap them in newsprint before you place them inside the boxes. Place the boxes with the fragile items on top. All larger pieces must be wrapped. Furniture must be disassembled before moving. And then wrapped. You can use the special paper blankets for that or quilted movers blankets. This way, all your items will be returning to you after storage in the same shape.

Also, when you place your belongings inside your unit, make sure to pack everything tight. This way your belongings will not shift while in transit.


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