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CSULB Student Storage

CSULB student storage and housing

3 Things you should put in CSULB student storage or leave at home.

When you are moving away for college and looking for storage , it can be tempting to take all of your belongings. However, the challenge is college dorms and housing near CSULB are not penthouses are spacious apartments; they are small and cozy.This is why most college students leave their belongings in CSULB student storage  until the end of the semester.


If you are still packing, and you find yourself becoming torn on what to take and what to leave in student storage in 90840, we can help.  We created a quick list of items you should keep in student storage .

#1.  Books- Nowadays, you can store all your books on your Kindle, Nook, and /or iPad.  There’s no need to carry around bulky books that are heavy and take up space.  If you leave them in Cal State Long Beach student storage , you can rest assured that they will be safe until you return. Or better yet, you can leave them at CSULB student storage.

#2. Weapons/Flammables– While you may be responsible, your new  mates may not be. Besides most colleges don’t allow flammable items like candles and dangerous weapons like guns, knives and box cutters.  Instead of placing these items in Long beach state student storage, you can put them in a safe security box and have a responsible adult watch after them until you return from CSULB.

 #3 Video games– I know, I know, you can’t live without your X-Box and Nintendo 64 in your new college housing. I know you want to sure your new roomie your super finger skills on the controller, but seriously, you are in college now and have to worry about storage. There will be more exciting things to do like join the drama club, go to awesome college parties, and oh yeah, study for your future.  Besides, your roomie may have his/her own video game, and I am sure they will be looking to find a new person to challenge. Simply worry about your housing needs,your housing mates will have more than enough video games for you to play with. Put your video games in CSULB student storage instead. 

#4 – Precious Heirlooms-  While you wear a pendant or a special ring that reminds you of a special someone, it can be unsafe. Yes, it’s great to remember your loved ones through things they passed on to you, however, if you are going away to CSULB and are trying to find housing and storage, you increases your chances of those precious heirlooms getting lost , damaged or stolen. It’s safe to say putting those precious gifts in CSULB storage.

You can also find storage by looking and asking around your campus.

If you choose not to stay in a dorm, you can look for storage, however, it may only be temporary.  That’s why it’s highly advisable to place your items in storage. This way you don’t have to worry about packing, renting a truck, unloading, and all of the stress that is associated with moving. There is a wide variety of  housing options near CSLUB.  If you opt to go for this type of housing,  leave your items in storage.

When it comes to finding housing near CSULB,you have to ask yourself a few questions to see the best option for you.


Whether you decide to stay at CSULB  you want to ask a lot of questions to ensure you are making the right choice.  Some of the questions you can ask include:

– How much will rent be if I choose off -campus or on campus housing?
– How many other students are participating in this housing program?
– Do I have to book early for housing?
– What kind of items can I bring and not bring while looking for housing.
– How many students can live together in housing on and near CSULB?
– Will I be able to have outside company if I choose the housing route?
– What if I don’t like housing anymore, can I go back to to my dorm?
– How is housing different than living on/off campus
– If I secure housing can I still have a dorm room ?
– Is housing near CSULB right for me?
– How long will I be able to stay in student housing?
– If I leave for the summer and return, will I have the same housing options?
– What are the benefits of securing housing instead of living in a CSULB dorm?
– Will my housing be close to student storage?
– Will I have privacy in my housing?
– Will I be able to cook in my housing near CSULB?
– Will I be able to have company at my housing near CSULB?
– Can I share my housing with other college students?
– Will I have to sign a lease for my housing arrangements?
– Are there any special housing rules??

While some people prefer dorm living, there are also some that prefer student housing. but, why do the prefer housing near CSULB?

– Student housing can be more affordable than dorm living in CSULB
– Student housing gives you more privacy than your  CSULB dorm
– Student housing gives you more space than your CSULB dorm
– Student housing gives you a sense of more freedom ?


Box-n-Go student storage in 90840 helping you with all of your housing and storage needs!

While it can be tempting to take some of your favorite things to your dorm or student housing  they are better left in a safe and secure Long beach student storage near CSULB.  If you are looking for a friendly and reliable storage near CSULB, choose Box-n-Go. We will provide you with affordable storage containers  near CSULB that match your budget. Call us today and see why many CSULB students choose our student storage in 90840 and ask us about housing near CSULB. Whether you need student housing or a safe and secure place to store your things,Box-n-Go is here to serve you!


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