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Betty F.

Chapman University Student Storage

Chapman University Student Storage – Made Easy

Welcome Chapman Students!?

Out of your dorm, into a summer of travel or your first job or… an amazing vacation!  But you need a place to store your stuff – a place that’s safe and easy to get to, and easy to talk to.

That’s where we come in!  Our unique system of bringing the storage unit to your dorm means you never have to rent a truck.  Students at Chapman love it that they can just chill out in their dorm and let us do the work. How much does it cost?  – Is one of the first questions Chapman students typically first ask.  Our answer?  We publish all our prices online (or just contact us and ask).  We do this because we believe in being open about pricing.  You’ll see we offer good deals, very reasonable, and we never sneak in added fees.  Click on the menu above to explore.

You may be wondering about your quantity of stuff, or how safe it will be kept.  Chapman University Student Storage is nothing new to us.  We work with lots of students all over California just like you.  We’ve heard their needs, and they know we respect their belongings.  Just because most students don’t have a house full of stuff yet, and maybe just one or two really special possessions, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t stay safe.

Chapman university storage is our specialty.  Ask around or google around and you’ll notice most storage companies don’t publish their prices openly, online.  We can tell you from experience that they also often add on fees when you pick your storage unit up.  Not cool when you are a student, especially, considering your student loans and all that goes into a full-time education.

Another easy aspect of working with us is when it comes time to retrieve your unit- we bring it to your dorm again.  So no need to rent a car or truck, either coming or going!  In the past five years of business we have not had a single break-in. Chapman university student storage is safe with us.  

Since we know Chapman university student storage needs well, when you contact us we may have some special tips for you.  Also, we are good at getting our storage unit to you.  It’s all a system we are familiar with so contact us today!?

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