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"If you are in need of pod storage...Box-n-Go is the ONLY company you should call! This is a true customer service driven company & I give them an "A" rating. I would recommend them 100%!

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Box-n-Go Storage compared to Public Storage®


When it comes to self-storage, Box-n-Go Storage portable storage containers offer a tremendous flexibility and convenience for storage and moving when compared to traditional self-storage facility, such as Public Storage®.

While both Box-n-Go and Public Storage® provide you with the self-storage service, we offer the service that goes far beyond the traditional self storage offerings. All at very competitive prices.

Unlike when using the Public Storage®, Box-n-Go storage container is delivered to you. You can pack on your own pace. There is no need to rent a truck and handle the belongings multiple times, no need to pay for the extra unused storage space, etc. our service allows you to pack your storage unit at a comfort of your own home, at your pace. Our units are sized right and offer a scalable storage solution – rent only the space you use.

In order to better assist you in your decision, we have prepared the table below that summarizes the differences between Box-n-Go and Public Storage® as well as offers you a quick glance at the advantages offered by Box-n-Go storage units.

Please see for yourself how we stack up against traditional garage style storage like Public Storage® and others:


Box-n-Go Offers you Convenience and Value When Compared to Traditional Storage Like Public Storage® 
Traditional Storage
No Hidden Fees. Unlike the traditional storage, like Public Storage®, we do not charge you administrative fees, insurance or any other extra charges on top of your rental fees. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
One Call Does It All. When you rent storage at a traditional storage facility like Public Storage® you will have to reserve your space there first, then rent a truck elsewhere, then go to another store to purchase the packing supplies, then pack and drive to and from the facility, fill truck up with fuel at a gas station. With Box-n-Go all you need to do is call us. We take care of the rest. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Home Delivery. Unlike Public Storage® we offer the storage that comes to you. You can make all reservations, receive and pack the unit without leaving the comfort of your own home or business! compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Rental Truck FREE Storage. Unlike with Public Storage® when you rent a Box-n-Go storage our professional drivers do the driving, so there is no need for you to rent the truck, drive it, pay for gas, insurance and miles. On top of that, you do not have to rush to do it all in one day so that you can return the truck or face more charges. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Save 50% on Packing. When using traditional storage like Public Storage® you have to pack your items into a truck first. Drive it to Public Storage® facility, unload there and load them into your storage unit. With our storage method you can cut your work in half! Load/unload only once. No truck rentals, no hassle. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Ground Level Loading. When you rent a unit with Public Storage® you have to rent a truck to move your belongings to the facility. Even the lowest trucks are few feet off the ground, forcing you to use a narrow, steep, dangerous ramp. Box-n-Go units are set at the ground level for easy loading. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Pay Only For Space You Use. Very few people can accurately estimate their storage space needs. If you rent a unit and use only half of it, you will still be paying for the entire unit. Such is the case with the traditional self-storage like Public Storage®. Our storage solution is scalable. We can deliver as many storage units to you as you wish. You will only be paying for the ones you use. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Secure From Theft. The security of the storage facility like Public Storage® is only as good as the people entering the facility. Once people come to Public Storage® they are free to roam around near any unit there is. With Box-n-Go there is NO PUBLIC ACCESS to inside of the warehouse. Its accessible only to authorized personnel. When you want to access your belongings, your unit is brought to a special access area. This is why we had no incidents of theft. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Ground Level Access. With Public Storage® the ground level access units are at a premium cost. When you come to visit your Box-n-Go units we set them on the ground at the access area, where you can drive up right to your unit. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Mold and Mildew FREE Storage.The Box-n-Go wood frame construction storage container allows the containers to “breathe” so that they equalize with the environment around them, preventing condensation. This keeps your goods smelling just like they did when you packed them.


The Public Storage® units are made of concrete or steel. They develop condensation because the temperature inside the storage unit changes and the water vapor in the air has nowhere to go, potentially leading to mold and mildew build up. The concrete or steel walls do help to absorb water. This condensation can damage your furniture.

compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x
Nationwide Moving. Unlike the case with Public Storage® we can ship your entire unit to anyplace you need to move, in town or nationwide. No need to re-pack, rent a truck, drive cross country, etc. The service is provided on a fixed price basis. No fuel surcharges, stairs fees, elevator charges, etc. compare-storage-check-blue compare-storage-x

Box-n-Go Storage is not associated, sponsored or affiliated with Public Storage, Inc., U-Haul International, Inc. or PODS Enterprises, Inc. Public Storage is a registered trademark of Public Storage, Inc. U-Haul is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc.

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