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Box-n-Go Storage wants to help make your storage and moving process as safe and hassle-free as possible. Please take a few moments to review these guidelines before you begin packing your Box-n-Go storage containers. These guidelines will help you protect your belongings while also making the most of the space in each container. Placing items correctly inside your storage container will make the ride smoother and unloading a whole lot easier:


For your safety and that of others:

DO NOT    store any flammable materials or aerosol products, including hair spray, shaving cream, deodorants, and insecticides, cleaning products, spray paint, nail polish remover, bleach, lighter fluid and motor oil, gas, propane tanks, old paint, cleaning fluids or other materials which might create or intensify a fire in any Box-n-Go storage containers. Gasoline and oil must be drained from engines in lawn mowers, tillers, weed eaters, etc. prior to storing.

DO NOT    store liquids in any Box-n-Go storage containers.

DO NOT    store any pharmaceuticals or controlled drugs or any other substance or materials storage or use of which is regulated by federal, state, or local law, regulation, rule, or ordinance.

DO NOT    let children play in, on, or around Box-n-Go storage containers.

DO NOT    load more than 2,000 lbs. in any Box-n-Go storage containers.

DO NOT    load all heavy items on one side of the Box-n-Go storage container.

DO NOT    Remove the weather resistant cover from your storage container(s)

DO NOT    store antiques, fine art, high value artwork, valuable documents, jewelry, fragile goods or goods of high or emotional value inside the Box-n-Go storage container. Carry valuable papers and items with you so they are not lost or damaged.

Remember, your storage container is made of wood, so watch for splinters.

Remember – some items are heavier than you think (i.e.: Books).

Before delivery of your storage container to your location you’ll need to plan ahead and decide on the best location of such a container(s). If necessary, contact your property manager, home owner’s association or local authorities to ensure you will be complying with any covenants, guidelines or zoning restrictions.

Be sure to use the storage inventory list provided by Box-n-Go to record which items go in each Box-n-Go storage container and its general location within the container. This will allow you to find an item easily, should you need to access your goods while in storage. All boxes should be labeled with your name and list of contents on several sides. This will make finding things easier. If you are renting and storing more than one Box-n-Go storage container, store items you’ll need most often in one particular storage container.

Prop the Box-n-Go container door open while you are loading to keep it from closing unexpectedly. Cover floor with cardboard, blankets or plastic sheeting depending on what is being stored prior to loading to help protect your valuables.

Loading in a pre-planned, “smart” order will greatly reduce loading time and fatigue. It will also ensure a safer ride for your belongings. Load each Box-n-Go storage container a quarter at a time, packing it tightly from floor to ceiling. Avoid leaving open space where items can shift. Secure each quarter with rope or twine to prevent shifting during transit.

Always load the heaviest items first; this will help keep the container stable on the road. Place bureaus, dressers, large china cabinets, sofas, refrigerators, and other heavy appliances in the center of the Box-n-Go storage container for an even weight distribution. Use protective covers on sofas and mattresses. Then load chairs, tables, bookcases and light items towards the back and sides. Take advantage of the tops of dressers and the like to stack boxes and other items. Stack boxes in the corners and underneath tables. Also, stand mattresses on end and break down bed frames. It’s a good idea to store items you’ll use most at the front of the unit where you can get them easily. All stored items should be clean of food stains and particles.

If you stand mattresses on end, be sure to “prop” them up to stand straight or they may bend out of shape and become lumpy. This remains the same for sofas or love seats placed on their sides. It is best to cover these items. Use only blankets or thin breathable plastic made specifically for storage. Do not use heavy plastic to cover furniture.

Be generous with blankets and padding. Remember to use bagged pillows, stuffed animals and furniture cushions as well as additional paper and cardboard to fill all gaps and spaces.

Stand large, flat items like mirrors, mattresses, box springs and tabletops upright against the walls and tie them securely. Wrap mirrors and pictures with protective pads or use a special mirror carton and store them on end. Protect your items with paper pads, bubble pack or moving blankets. Make sure to have all of the right packing materials in advance.

Boxes should be filled completely and lids closed. Heavy items should be packed in small boxes for easier lifting. Stack lighter boxes on top of bigger, heavier ones.

Box-n-Go Storage offers a great variety of packing and protective supplies such as mattress bags and boxes for sale, and they’re delivered right to your front door. Check out our website for details.

Lock each Box-n-Go storage container with your own padlock and keep the key in a safe location, where you will easily be able to find it upon re-delivery. Each storage container must be locked before pick up. Use a strong commercial grade HIGH QUALITY padlock, keeping your valuables as safe as possible. For extra security, it is a good idea to park your car in front of the door of the container. Seal the Velcro on each vault cover, providing added security in case of inclement weather. Please notify us if more time is needed to load your containers