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"If you are in need of pod storage...Box-n-Go is the ONLY company you should call! This is a true customer service driven company & I give them an "A" rating. I would recommend them 100%!

Betty F.

Corona Del Mar Storage

Corona Del Mar storage 92625

How to pick the best Corona Del Mar storage in 92625.

Knowing the right questions to ask when looking for storage can save you time and money. In all the time you’ll take to look for different storage facilities, take a few minutes to ask yourself these questions and see how different your storage options are.


What is the Rate? Basically, what will you be paying, per month, for your storage unit? Knowing your rate and how it can fluctuate with time is important for a long-term service. ??How much space do I need? ?Sometimes you might need more than one storage unit. Be sure to stop by and check the room of the storage unit to be sure you can safely store all your belongings.


??What am I paying for?? Different storage facilities offer different services, sometimes for higher rates, sometimes they’re free. Delivery of your storage unit to your residence will save you time, so will being able to have it picked up.


Will my belongings be secure?? Don’t leave your items in a storage facility you don’t believe is secure enough. Box-n-Go Storage has a secure, ground-level warehouse with a zero-theft history.


Can I pack at my convenience?? One of the most stressful things about storage is the short amount of time you have to do it. A Box-n-Go Storage portable storage unit provides the convenience of being able to pack at your own pace.


Will my belongings be properly ventilated?? Mold and mildew can destroy your belongings from the inside out, permanently staining furniture and antiques and making them dangerous around people. A good Corona Del Mar storage facility will have proper ventilation in every unit.


With these six questions, finding a dependable storage facility won’t be difficult. Box-n-Go Storage is a dependable choice for Corona Del Mar storage 92625, and can certainly be the answer to all your storage needs. When compared with other facilities, Box-n-Go has shown they have dependable service, secure facilities, properly ventilated storage units, competitive rates, and great services.

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