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    When it comes to local moving (under 50 miles), we can offer many options including moving boxes, supplies, help with packing and storage. Let us provide a FREE quote:

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How does the Box-n-Go storage process works?

Box-n-Go storage or moving process is simple: we deliver one or several of our secure weatherproof storage units to your location. You pack at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home. When you are done packing, we’ll pick-up and store your unit(s) inside our dry and secure storage warehouse for as long as you like, days or years. When you are ready to have your unit(s) re-delivered back to you, we will deliver them to your old or new location, in town or cross country.

Box-n-Go storage system can help you move or store your possessions. Weather you are remodeling your home, de-cluttering it prior to selling, trying to find more livable space, moving locally or cross country or storing your business items, Box-n-Go storage container is your best, most economical and simplest option to address your needs. Learn more about how it works.