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What are the containers made out of?

Box-n-Go containers are specifically designed and constructed to optimize your mobile storage experience. All containers are built exclusively for Box-n-Go and are assembled and inspected by our personnel before we deliver them. They are built out of weather resistant exterior grade plywood and dry lumber to provide a very stable, breathable and chemical free environment during the storing and transporting of your belongings. Each unit is equipped with a single hinged door opening and a heavy-duty latch system for your lock. One of the benefits of wooden containers is that they ensure moisture and excessive heat will not become trapped inside causing mold and mildew to grow. The wood frame construction allows the containers to “breathe” so that they equalize with the environment around them. When a container is stored outdoors at your house for a few days, the climate inside the container equalizes to the climate outside of it, preventing condensation. When you are finished loading the storage container, we transport it to our warehouse. At this point the climate inside the container equalizes to its indoor environment. The same process repeats itself when we return the container to your house. This keeps your goods smelling just like they did when you packed them. The storage containers that are airtight and made of steel, aluminum or fiberglass develop condensation during this process because the temperature inside the storage unit changes but the water vapor in the air has nowhere to go, potentially leading to mold and mildew. The aluminum or fiberglass doesn’t help because it doesn’t absorb water.

The process is the same as when your car develops fog on the windshield in the morning or during the rain. This condensation can damage your furniture. In addition to the above our containers are elevated 4″ off the ground. This prevents the moisture (be it rain or sprinklers) from the ground from affecting anything inside the container. When the storage container is out of our warehouse for loading or unloading and packing, each container is also covered with a highly durable, heavy-duty, weather-resistant cover engineered to protect your belongings. This cover is impervious to rain but still allows the container to breathe because of its Velcro closures and strategically placed waterproof vents.