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"If you are in need of pod storage...Box-n-Go is the ONLY company you should call! This is a true customer service driven company & I give them an "A" rating. I would recommend them 100%!

Betty F.

Laguna Woods Self Storage

Laguna Woods Self Storage 92637


Affordable Laguna Woods self storage in 92638.


If you think that you’re sitting on what will eventually be a veritable goldmine, then you are absolutely correct! Storage service as offered by Box-n-Go is a perfect solution to store your collectibles and free up some space in your home. Real estate is at quite a premium in Laguna Woods. There is, however, an affordable storage solution – Box-n-Go Storage, which will help you utilize your living space to the fullest.



Convenient Laguna Woods storage delivered to your home or business. 


Didn’t buy a lot of tapes back in the VHS days? Well, just check any thrift store or older video rental store and you’ll find other people offloading the things by the truckload, for no more than a fraction of their original value. With Laguna Woods Self Storage service offered by Box-n-Go, there is no hard work to storing your collection. Box-n-Go can deliver their storage units to you in Laguna Woods or any other location in Orange County or beyond. As long as you have something to store, Box-n-Go is a perfect solution. They will deliver one or several of their storage units right to your home or business. You can take several days to pack. After you are done packing, they will come back and pick up your storage units and take them to a high security, dry, centrally located warehouse. While located a drive away from Laguna Woods, the facility offers FREE ground level access as well as the highest safety and security offered by any of the Laguna Woods self storage 92637 facilities any place else.


Older video formats are a huge market that VHS will join within the next few years; just look at all of the shops specializing in vinyl records, or any number of Internet communities based around preserving old films and even laserdiscs; even with inexpensive digital cameras, several companies have sprung up around Polaroid cameras, sometimes selling cameras and film for several times their original value. So keeping your collection may yield some future returns. However, storing your collection at home may take away from the valuable, and very expensive living space you may have in Laguna Woods – hence storage is a perfect solution.


Saving your collectibles is now easy and affordable, and, best of all, you do not even have to leave your Laguna Woods residence to take care of all the storage arrangements for your collections. Many Laguna Woods storage facilities, and storage services that bring the storage unit right to your house like Box-n-Go Storage, are perfect for preserving the art of the last generation. With breathable storage units offered by Box-n-Go, your collection is just as safe at their facility as it is in your home in Laguna Woods.


Remember that with the easy and affordable Laguna Woods Storage service offered by Box-n-Go there is no reason you have to choose between your collectibles and the living space inside your home. Your collections do not have to reside in Laguna Woods with you and take up your living space. If you are in the beautiful city of Laguna Woods, and are looking for a self-storage facility that offers more, Box-n-Go Storage in 92637 is what you want.


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