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When natural disasters occur it can be an emotional experience. There are items lost, valuables misplaced, and belongings damaged.  They may seem like material items to other people, but old photos and certain memorabilia create wonderful memories that can be cherished for a life time. However, when disaster strikes those memories can be washed away in an instant.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters can occur in Lynwood with little to no warning. If you feel that a natural disaster will occur in your area, here are some simple self storage tips to help you prepare.

Place items in Lynwood storage  

If you have a lot of valuables and think they may be damaged due to natural weather conditions, it’s highly advisable that you place your belongings in a Lynwood self storage center.  Typically when you place your items in Lynwood self storage they will be in a safe and secure warehouse.  However, there are some Lynwood storage companies that have portable storage units and will be able to deliver your storage containers to neighboring town or outside of the  90262 area until the weather conditions calm down.

Questions to ask your storage in Lynwood during a natural disaster 

While placing your belongings in Lynwood self storage is the ideal thing to do during a natural disaster, you still want to make sure your items are protected in Lynwood storage. You should your storage center in Lynwood the following questions:

  •        Do you have a contents protection plan at your Lynwood storage center?
  •        What happens to my items if they are damaged in your Lynwood storage?
  •        Do you have any storage tips to help me keep my items protected from damage?
  •        Has your Lynwood storage center ever been affected by a natural disaster?
  •        Will I be able to retrieve my items at any time if I place them in your Lynwood storage ?

Why should you place your food in a pantry instead of Lynwood self storage.

During a natural disaster, many people try to use their Lynwood storage facility as a food pantry. This is not a great idea. Food can spoil, rot, and even worse; attract creepy critters in the  storage warehouse in Lynwood and create larger problems. If you have a sturdy shed at your Lynwood home, you should place your canned and boxed foods there.  It is also ideal if you have a food pantry in a neighboring town next to Lynwood. This way if you have to access your food in an emergency, it’s only a short drive away.

Call Box-n-Go storage 90262 and discover how we can help you get through a natural disaster!

The truth is, no one wants to deal with the stress, frustration and emotional turmoil that come along with a natural disaster. However, if you are prepared for situations like this, you can put your mind at ease.  If you know a natural disaster will affect your area, it’s highly advisable that you act fast and find a Lynwood storage facility that can keep your items safe and secure. Call Box-n-Go storage in Lynwood and discover how our storage professionals can  protect your valuables in a time of need.

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