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Marina Del Ray Storage

When it comes to placing items in Marina del rey storage, most people think of the basics, clothes, furniture, instruments, books, important papers, shoes, etc. However, there are some people who store unconventional things in storage as well.  If you do a search for Storage Marina Del Rey , you will probably come across some weird and crazy things that people keep in self storage. Here are a few things that may surprise you that people store:


  • An Urn –While most people leave urns on their mantle, some people prefer to leave the urn with ashes of their deceased loved ones in Marina Del Rey storage. They feel that the urn will be safer at storage than in their Marina Del Rey home? Why? Because if they have a lot of children, company or a lot of commotion going on in their home, it can be easy for the urn to  fall and/or get damage.  While in storage, an urn is safe and secure and is less likely to fall of any shelf.


  • Flowers– Have you ever heard of this; when you first start dating someone and them send you flowers, you should freeze them. If you freeze the flowers, that person will stay with you for an eternity.  I know it sounds crazy, but if you are a hopeless romantic, you believe in the power of love and will do anything for happily ever after, right? While some people freeze their flowers, some actually put their flowers in self storage.


  • Money– While it’s never recommended to store money in a public place unless it’s a bank, many people are not too happy with banks    and interests rates.  They are always looking for less affordable ways to store their money.  You would think that most people would get  a deposit safety box and keep their money close to them at their home. However, this is always not the case.  Some people are afraid that their safety deposit box full of money will get damaged or stolen while in their Marina Del Ray home.  This is why they opt for putting their hard earned cash in Marina Del Ray storage. 

Box-n-Go can help you with all your Marina Del Rey storage needs today!

When it comes to placing your items in storage, we recommend you stick to the usual; books, toys, bicycles, furniture, clothes, lawn equipment, etc. There are always other places that you can store your wacky items rather than placing them in Marina Del Ray self storage.  However, if you feel more comfortable placing your items in storage and it’s legal, by all means do so! Most storage units allow you to get easy access to your items on a daily or weekly basis. So, you really have nothing to lose. 


Whether you are storing furniture or some wacky item, Box-n-Go provides affordable storage units that match your needs. Call us today and discover why many Marina Del Rey residents choose us as their storage provider of choice!

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