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Are you searching for Montclair storage? If you have moved and packed any valuable belongings, you know the worst part of moving is packing fragile and delicate items that can easily be broken.  Most Montclair residents protect their breakable items with bubble wrap and newspaper, but there is more than what meets the eye. Whether you are moving, packing or placing your fragile items in Montclair storage 91763, there’s a way to pack them to keep them safe and in one piece. This way your items will be in tip top shape before and after you place them in storage in Montclair. Search for storage 91763 in Montclair  and rent a storage unit today.

In most cases, you will have to place your belongings in Montclair storage in the 91763 area before your final move. This is why it’s imperative that you pack your fragile items right the first time. This way when you are ready to retrieve them out of Montclair storage n the 91763 area ,you will prevent breaking or damaging the fragile items. So, search for storage 91763 online and find Box-n- Go in Montclair.

Here are some packing tips to help you place your delicate items in Montclair storage:

As you know, most of the breakable items include glassware, dishes, mirrors, glass furniture, porcelain items and anything that can break and shatter easily.

        1. Protective Covering- Whether you are packing mirrors or fine china, it’s imperative that you wrap them with protective covering. For most breakable items, bubble wrap and /or newspaper will get the job done.  However, you also want to secure boxes with packing peanuts to ensure that the fragile items don’t shift around too easily during the transporting process.

         2. Use storage containers- While you can place breakable items in cardboard boxes, it’s highly recommended that you use something a little sturdier like plastic storage containers. Why? If cardboard boxes are stacked too high or packed incorrectly, they can easily be damaged or broken. It’s very easy for shattered glass to cut through cardboard boxes. 

         3. Compartmentalize? If you have glassware, or fine china, it’s best if you have boxes or storage containers with different compartments. The compartments help reduce the amount of movement that occurs during the transport process.

         4. Label fragile items- It seems obvious, but you may be surprised on how many people don’t place labels on their items during the moving process. Whether you are placing your delicate items in Montclair storage, or you are moving them to your new location, you want to make sure they have proper labels. This way, you, your Montclair movers and your Montclair storage company in the 91763  will know to handle with care.


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When it comes to packing and transporting delicate items in Montclair, you want to do everything you can to keep them safe. By following these simple moving and storage tips, you will have your items in one piece. Whether you need to store your most delicate items, instruments or furniture, you can be assured that Box-n-Go Montclair storage 91763  has spacious and affordable storage units at an affordable price. Call Box-n-Go storage 91763 in Montclair at 1-877-269-6461 and reserve your storage unit today!


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