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Public Self Storage Westwood 90024

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Many people are skeptical about placing their belongings in self storage Westwood. They often fear that their items will damaged, stolen or infested with bed bugs if they place it in self storage westwood.

?In addition to having common fears about storage in Westwood, most people also think that public storage Westwood is too expensive. Therefore they end up paying way too much in moving expenses and self storage westwood fees,  or even worse, throwing or giving away some of their favorite things.


Why Public storage Westwood?


The truth is placing your items in Westwood mini storage can be more beneficial in the long run.  Here are some primary reasons why Westwood  storage is a good idea:

Save Money-In most cases, when you place your items in self storage Westwood, you have to rent your own moving truck. The challenge with renting a moving truck is you have to pay for the truck, insurance, gas mileage, and any repairs if necessary. Also, when you rent  self storage space in a traditional facility, you will most likely being paying for storage space you don’t even use! At Box-n-Go self storage in Westwood, we have our own trucks and we will pick up your packed storage container and deliver it to wherever you need it to go. We also provide you with portable storage containers at an affordable rate. This way you are only paying for the storage containers, and not extra self storage Westwood space. 


Save time-When you are moving from your Westwood home, you simply don’t have time to waste. In a traditional self storage  Westwood setting, you would have to rent a truck, load and unload the truck, then place your items in a storage space. Not with Box-n-Go storage in Westwood!  All you have to do is give us a call, and we will take care of the rest. We will deliver a storage container to your home, dorm, and place of business or wherever you are in Westwood. You simply pack the storage container and call us when it’s ready for pick-up. Then we come pick up your storage container and deliver it to wherever you need to go.  Hence, giving you more time to focus on other things, instead of worrying about self storage in Westwood.


Get easy access-There’s nothing more frustrating than having items in  Westwoodself storage that you can’t get to. If you happened to have put an item in  Westwood storage by accident, or even if you didn’t’; you can get access to your belongings at any time. At Box-n-Go self storage in Westwood , all of your storage containers are placed on the ground level. This way you can retrieve your  items from storage in Westwood with ease, anytime you need them. And the best part of it all is, we don’t charge a premium for ground level storage access like most Westwood mini storage facilities.


Great protection-At Box-n-Go , we want you to know that your items are always safe and protected. We do these two ways. First, we make sure your items are free of mold and mildew by placing them in breathable storage units. Secondly, we ensure that your items are free from theft, by placing your packed storage containers in our highly secure and safe warehouse in Westwood.


Searching for storage 90024? Give Box-n-Go storage in Westwood  a call today!


As you can see, placing your belongings in Westwood storage has many great benefits. Whether you are moving, or would like to create more space in your home, call Box-n-Go storage in Westwood today and discover the difference.

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