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Public Self Storage Northridge CA

Public self storage Northridge

If you are planning on placing your belongings in public self storage Northridge, there are a few things you should know. While public storage northridge is meant as a place for you to keep your items safe and secure, there are still some “rules” on how you should go about placing your items in storage.

Discover the dos and don’ts of self storage Northridge Ca

Whether you are moving from Northridge, downsizing your home, or simply clearing up space in your home, you can follow these do’s and don’ts of storage to ensure you have a smooth moving and storage process.  Here’s a short list of the things you should and should not do while placing your items in Northridge self storage:


– Do research different storage facilities in Northridge

– Do sort through your items before placing them in storage

– Do check if there are different size Northridge storage units

– Do check to see if your storage has coverage protection

– Do check to see if your storage is in a convenient Northridge location

– Do wash and dry all your fabric, linens and clothing before placing them in storage

– Do empty out all liquids from outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers

– Do inspect your storage in Northridge ca before you place your belongings

– Do make sure your storage has flexible access hours

– Do pay your storage fees on time


 The dont’s of placing your items in Northridge self storage 


 -Don’t wait until the last minute to place your items in storage Northridge

– Don’t choose the first storage company you call (unless it’s Box-n-Go)

 -Don’t store flammable items or liquids in your Northridge storage units

– Don’t overstuff your boxes when placing them in storage Northridge

– Don’t store food in your Northridge storage units

– Don’t store your expensive jewelry and other items in clear containers

– Don’t pay your Northridge storage fees late

– Don’t try to store more stuff than your storage unit can handle

– Don’t store weapons or hazardous items in Northridge self storage


Discover why many people choose our Storage in Northridge Ca

When you are placing your items in Northridge self storage, its best if you follow these simple do’s and don’ts.  This way you will have a more pleasant moving and storage experience.  If you want to know more about the storage process or you are ready to place your items in Northridge storage, give us a call. At Box-n-Go, we offer a wide array of  Northridge storage units that meet your needs!

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