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Public Self Storage Sun Valley

Public Self Storage Sun Valley CA

When it comes to moving, it can be a daunting task; however, it must be done.  Whether you are moving around the corner or across the country, you need to be prepared. If you are organized before, during and after moving day, you will have a seamless moving experience. Public self storage Sun Valley CA is here providing you with a simple and efficient moving check list


Our public storage sun valley has created a simple checklist to help you have a simple moving process.


Here are some simple tips to prepare you for Sun Valley Storage :


Before the move:


          Do you research and choose the best movers based on your needs

          Determine your budget and request a quote from different moving companies

          Schedule a time and date for your movers to start the moving process

          Sort through your things and decide what goes in storage 91352

          Make an inventory of all the items you are putting in storage

          Research public storage Sun Valley and choose the one that is right for you


Packing during the move:


          Make sure you use strong and sturdy boxes and/or plastic storage containers

          Label all your boxes that displays what type of content is inside

          Secure your boxes with  packing tape to prevent opening

          Clean, wash, wipe down, and dry everything before you pack

          Make sure you have enough boxes to carry your items

          Dissamble furniture , appliances, and electronics

          Protect your items with protective covering and bubble wrap

          Do a final check to make sure your everything you need is packed

          Create a checklist and check off the items that will be going in storage


After your move


          Make sure you unpack all of your belongings and place them in your new space

          Take your inventory list and retrieve the important items out of  Public storage sun Valley

          Turn on all necessary water, electricity, in your place if necessary

            Keep items in storage that you will not be using in the near future

          Relax and take a time out – you deserve it!


Looking for storage 91352? Call Box-n-Go Sun Valley storage today!

When it comes to moving, you worry about your move, and let us worry about your storage needs.  At Box-n-Go  Sun Valley storage, we provide affordable and spacious storage units that can hold a wide variety of items.  Our storage units can hold furniture, instruments, memorabilia, sporting and fitness equipment, toys, business files, and so much more.  If you are looking for an affordable and reliable Sun Valley self storage, give us a call today!

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