We would recommend Box-n-Go to everyone!

My wife and I recently bought a home, and decided to use Box-n-Go to move our stuff to the new house. We shopped around, but they were able to give us the best price. We ordered three containers at first, but realized that we had more stuff than we thought. At the end of the day we ended up with six containers and were able to pack everything (even all the stuff in the garage, which we didn’t use to park our cars). They were professional, timely and very accommodating to our needs. We would recommend Box-n-Go to everyone!

Michael V., Sherman Oaks, CA

I was very happy with the service.

On Thursday, November 20, 2013 I visited the location on Slauson to visit my unit. I was very happy with the service provided by Stan and the team was very helpful in getting my container front and center and never making me wait. What a great experience it was. I recommend Box-n-Go and Stan's team over any other storage company in Los Angeles!

Travis S., Glendale, CA

I recently had a wonderful experience.

I recently had a wonderful experience working with this company. A client of mine had used them for her cross-country move, and was very pleased with their service. Since I was also about to move cross-country, I decided to hire them as well. I couldn't have been more pleased. I mainly worked with Frank, who provided fabulous service. He patiently answered all my questions, and what's more important, followed through. First, I ordered a storage container ("pod"), which was delivered as planned. I was selling my house, so first used it to store some extra furniture, etc., from my home. In the meantime, I started packing. Frank called every couple of weeks to see how I was doing and if I needed anything, such as moving supplies. When we booked a date for the pod to be picked up and shipped to my new home, I expressed my concerns at packing the pod on my own. Frank had the answer! He hooked me up with an affiliate company who came by on pick-up day and put all of my boxes (about 25) in the pod to make sure they were packed securely so they wouldn't shift during the trip. They did an amazing job! Then, almost like clock-work, as soon as my pod was packed, the truck was there to pick it up. Of course Frank called that afternoon to make sure everything had worked out. The pod was shipped from their warehouse the next day, arrived safe and sound in my new city about a week later, and was delivered to my doorstep. Nothing was missing or broken. Frank of course followed up to make sure I had received it in a timely fashion. What a brilliant way to pack and move, especially since I didn't have enough items to fill a truck, and this way there was no chance of anything getting lost. I was so impressed with this company, and especially Frank. Way to go!

Deborah S., Parrottsville, TN

Their customer service is amazing.

Their customer service is amazing first of all. And their storage is far more affordable than other places. They are delivering it to my house and they even recommend companies for me to help with moving things into the box. I really think this is a great deal and couldn't be more pleased with their customer service. I've been dealing with Frank R and he's really cool and kind. It's refreshing to deal with people this personable when moving! Definitely making my life easier at an affordable rate!

Lauren P., Culver City, CA

Nice and easy.

I left the country on business for the first time November 2010 and I threw a bunch of my stuff out. When I left again the next year, I decided to find somewhere to store my stuff. While out of the country on and off for the next two years, Box n Go has been really easy to use. I've never had any issues with their payment/billing systems. Now that I'm back in the States and plan to bury my feet in the sand, I've got a place for my stuff and no longer need the unit. The process to have the box delivered to me, albeit with a delay, was very straightforward and simple. I'm a little bit reserved on my rating because the deal isn't finished just yet, but so far my experience has been great.

Steven L., Los Angeles, CA

5 thumbs up!

Renita T., North Hollywood, CA

Easiest thing ever!! This company is great.

They were so easy to work with!! They honored my yelp deal, had the boxes delivered and picked up exactly when they said they would, and made everything so simple! The guys who delivered the boxes were very nice and fast. The boxes aren't huge, but it was exactly what we were looking for. They delivered three boxes. We only used one and they only charged us for the one we filled, just like they said. We never needed to get in and out of it while it was stored, so I can't speak to that. I called the office twice regarding questions about my bill and the guy patiently explained everything to me both times. Said if I ever had any other questions or needed to go over it again, to be sure to call. Seriously, these guys are great. I cannot recommend them enough!

Kassandra R., Newport Beach, CA


Lifesavers. I had to move out of my apartment but my place wasn't ready for me to move in. I cringed at the idea of renting a u-haul and putting all my stuff in a storage location. Box-n-Go has been my storage solution TWICE now and I love them! I can't get over the convenience of it all-- it's quite brilliant. They drop the storage box in front of your apartment/house. Service is friendly and prompt. . I was able to pack about 30 medium sized boxes, ottoman, bike, large posters and other crap in there. Worked beautifully for me. Only downside is that you have to buy your own lock or purchase from the driver. I think I bought one for $7. If you have your own.. even better. You arrange a time for pick up usually the day after, and they place these boxes in a facility that you can access FOR FREE. See their website for more details. I will use them again for any of my short term storage needs. THANK YOU for existing! PS. Ask for the student discount!

Jen K., Los Angeles, CA

Overall, this is a great choice for UCLA.

I used this company to store my mattress and other things when I went abroad for a semester. They get 5 stars because they deliver the storage box to your door, both for packing and unpacking. None of my stuff was missing or messed with, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. They also delivered within the time slot allotted, and they are pretty flexible/ willing to work with you on delivery times and places. The pricing is pretty average for a storage company. ($70 a month, and like a $90 delivery charge). Overall, this is a great choice for UCLA students who are leaving for the summer or a semester and don't want to move all their things back and forth.

Akeyla P., Los Angeles, CA

I thought this was so much cheaper and more convenient.

We needed to move out of our duplex, but knew we were going to be traveling for a month before moving in to our new place so wanted to put our things in storage. Initially I was going to use PODS. But their containers were so big it couldn't fit in our driveway, so thankfully I saw these guys! I called Box-n-Go and scheduled them to deliver 3 boxes on the Thursday and pick up on the Saturday. They deliver within a 3 hour block of time, and were prompt, getting there within the first hour of the 3 hour time block. The driver set down the 3 boxes in a way that we could easily pack our things away inside. And that Saturday, they arrived to pick up the boxes. I didn't even have to be there. At one point, I needed to get something out of one of the storage containers, so drove down to their warehouse. The unit was sitting outside waiting for me with easy access. And once in our new place, again they showed up promptly. Dropped off our containers. Everything was intact and nothing was broken, or even jostled, and the next day they came to pick it back up. And bonus... because we didn't store it for the full month we got our fee pro rated! I thought this was so much cheaper and more convenient than getting a rental truck and having movers! I know I sound like an advert for them, but it really was that nice to use them. When you call they know who you are and are helpful. They're just really a great company. Not that I want to move again any time soon, but would only use them when I do move.

Sharon S., N. Hollywood, CA