Need storage due to Covid-19? Bring your belongings to Box-n-Go and your first 30 days of storage are FREE.

As you may know, in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on March 19, 2020 Governor Newsome and Mayor Garcetti have issued the “Safe at Home” Order. This order imposes severe restrictions on operations of every non-essential business. Such businesses are required to cease operations until further notice.  These restrictions are designed to minimize the community virus transmissions caused by casual person to person contact. Box-n-Go, along with many businesses, have to follow these orders in order to protect safety of our customers and employees.

As a result, our ability to deliver Box-n-Go storage and moving services to our customers is limited as follows:

Box-n-Go Portable Storage

All customers needing storage can bring their belongings to our Box-n-Go warehouse. You will receive a 30-day FREE storage credit. This service will be available on a no-contact basis only. Here is how it will work:

  1. Call us at least 24 hrs. ahead of time to let us know when you would like to move-in and provide all your contact and billing information.
  2. We will e-mail you the contract to be signed electronically.
  3. We will set up empty containers for you right outside our warehouse. Any packing materials you may need will be left inside the container’s.
  4. Load your belongings into the containers by 4 pm and padlock the doors. We will move them inside our warehouse soon after you leave.

If home delivery is the only option, please call us to discuss how we can accommodate your needs safely.

Box-n-Go U -Student Valet Storage Services

All in-home pickups of Box-n-Go U student storage services will be restricted to no-contact pick up only and will be evaluated on case-by-case basis. Place your reservations online and call us at 1-877-269-6461 as soon as you can so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Home Access Re-deliveries

All home deliveries of storage containers and other in-home moving services will not be available until after the above restrictions are lifted.

Warehouse Access to Belongings

All warehouse access to customer’s belongings will be temporarily suspended until the restrictions are lifted.


Our hearts are with everyone who have been affected by the Coronavirus. We all must do our part in preventing further spread of this terrible virus. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding. We remain hopeful that the threat of COVID-19 will soon diminish and that we can responsibly resume normal operations.