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Santa Anita Storage

Santa Anita Storage

The most common reason for placing belongings in Santa Anita storage is moving or relocating. However, when it comes to placing items in storage, most people forget about the moving process. If you want to have a seamless move, you have to know how to work with your movers to ensure your belongings are safe.

While you may expect your Santa Anita moving company to do all the work, and they should because you hired them. You can make their job a little easier. You can organize and prepare items for storage in Santa Anita and relocation. So, here are a few simple ways to make sure your moving and Santa Anita storage process is easy and fun.


Place items in Santa Anita storage first

There are going to be somethings you simply can’t take to your new Santa Anita location right away. This is why it’s best that you place everything that needs to go into storage. Into a storage facility immediately. This helps keeps you organized and prevents your Santa Anita movers from moving the wrong thing.

2.   Disassemble heavy items

If you have furniture or any heavy items that can be disassemble. Please do so before your Santa Anita movers arrive. This way they can move your items in a timely manner.


3.     Communicate with your  Santa Anita movers

Let your movers know what you expect before, during and after moving day.  When both you and your Santa Anita movers come up with a plan. It will be easy for your movers to execute that plan.

4.     Double check everything before placing your items in storage

It’s no surprise that moving day can be stressful.   So, there may be cases where boxes get misplaced, moving tools are lost. Things that belong in  storage in Santa Anita end up in the wrong pile.  This is why it’s important for you to make a list of everything that movers will move and everything that will go in storage in Santa Anita.


Call Box-n-Go for all of your Santa Anita storage needs today!

Whether you are moving to another area in Santa Anita or across the country, it’s important that you are prepared. This will not only help your Santa Anita movers move your items quickly and safely, but it will save you time and stress. If you place your items in Santa Anita storage before your move, your movers will be efficient, professional and friendly.If you are not sure what you should place in storage or you simply want to know more about our storage options, call Box-n-Go in Santa Anita and ask how we can help you today!

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