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Betty F.

Self Storage Culver City

Self Storage Culver City

Here are some tips and questions you should think about before you choose self storage Culver City.


What do you need to store – You will be surprised how many people search for self storage without having a clear idea on what they need to store. As a rule of thumb make a list of everything you have, and then organize them into certain categories; Toss, Store, and Keep.This way you can determine how much storage space you really need.


Determine the price – The rental units and storage options on storage in Culver City CA vary tremendously. You have to determine if they charge you for extra space, ground level access, and any other storage fees involved.


Determine the amount of space – While it may seem that your entire living room furniture may fit in a storage unit that is not always the case. Think about the size of your furniture and the size of your storage units. Some storage facilities offer portable storage containers,so you will have to determine if you need more or more than one.


Determine if you need short or long term rental – When it comes to placing your items in storage, sometimes you think you will need a few weeks. However, those weeks can turn into months.  Before you place your items in storage, check with storage in Culver City to ensure they have flexible short and long term storage solutions.


Determine if you will need to rent a truck – If you are placing your storage in a traditional self storage, you may need to rent a truck.  The problem with renting a moving truck is that you will have to do more work than necessary.  First you have to rent the truck, and then pay the expensive gas mileage and insurance. After you pack your items, you have to drive to your Culver City public storage facility, unload the truck, and place your items in storage. Luckily, there is Box-n-Go storage in Culver City that actually picks up and delivers storage container.

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