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Self Storage Dana Point

Self Storage Dana Point

It may be hard to move on, but it’s a must if you want to gain back control of your life.  However, one of the hardest things about divorce is separating your living space. Typically when people get divorced they don’t find a new Dana Point home right away.They usually stay with friends, relatives or close family members.

Packing up years of marriage into tiny boxes can make it difficult to live with someone else. There simply may not be enough room for all of your belongings in a relative’s house.  This is why many new divorced individuals prefer placing their items in Self storage Dana point. If you are recently going through a divorce in Dana Point, here are some tips provided by our self storage company that can help you have a smooth transition.

Place your items in storage immediately– Don’t wait to move out of your home or for your ex to move out. Therefore, it’s highly advisable that you search for the nearest storage Dana point and place your items there. This way you won’t have to visit your Dana Point home and create tension.

Find a place to stay- While you may have friends and relatives, sometimes they may not have enough room. If you can stay with friends and relatives great, however, if you cannot, you can find an affordable hotel/motel in your area until you have time and enough money to look for a place of your own again. You can rest easy knowing your items are in a secure self storage while you search for a  space.

Get a second storage unit in Dana Point- While you may have a storage unit for your clothes and furniture, you can also get one for important documents and undocumented assets. Have you ever thought of getting a storage unit for this? Self storage Dana Point is the perfect solution.

Change all your passwords- If you are going through a messy divorce, your spouse may try to perform unscrupulous acts by freezing your accounts and changing your passwords to lock you out.  This is why you should immediately change all your passwords and log-ins as fast as you can.

Withdraw cash- If you have a joint bank account, your spouse may try to withhold funds from you. If this is the case, go to your bank and withdraw as much cash as you can. Many places for storage Dana point will allow you to pay for your storage 92629 in cash if you visit their office in person.

Call our self storage in Dana point today!

Divorce is never easy, but when you have the help and support of family and friends, you can get through this traumatic event.  Whether you are getting a divorce, going through a divorce or experiencing another life changing event, Box-n-Go self storage is in your corner. We provide flexible and convenient storage solutions that help you get our life back on track. Call us today to find out why Dana Point residents prefer our storage company.








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