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Self Storage La Mirada

Self Storage La Mirada

Discover how to use self storage La Mirada when for moving in together.  So, you found the love of your life, however, you are not ready to tie the knot.The next big milestone is; moving in together! Moving in with your significant other seems ideal, however, you have to remember that both of you have a lot of stuff!   So, what do you do?

Since you are not getting married immediately, there is no sense in throwing away each other’s belongings.  Instead, you can place your belongings in La Mirada storage units. Until you decide to take the next step.   But, how do you determine whose stuff stays and what has to go?

Here are some tips to help you and your loved one place items in self storage units La Mirada


 –     Communicate- There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home surfing through your things only to discover that your loved one threw it out. You are going to be sharing living space. It’s important that you and your significant other discuss what items will be kept in your home. As well as what items will go into storage units La Mirada.

       Compromise– I know a lot of  people hate that C word. But when you are two beings coming together and sharing a small space, there are going  to be some sacrifices you have to make. If there is no room for that over sized exercise machine that your lover just can’t part with. You are going to have to convince him/her to try other alternatives and place the machine in storage until you get a bigger space.

       Clutter free your space – When you are moving from the single life to the” coupled” life, you and your lover most likely have the same things. Maybe there are two microwaves, toaster ovens, and sofas, two of everything. You have to determine what appliances and items you will keep, what you will place in storage La Mirada, and what you will sell.


       Celebrate- Congratulations! You just reached a major milestone in your relationship. You really don’t want to waste this special moment arguing about what should go in self storage unit.  Create a simple plan on how you will choose what items stay and what items go in storage.  Once you place your items in storage unit, take time to explore your new space and enjoy each other’s company!


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Whether you are moving in with your loved one, relocating, remodeling your home, traveling abroad, or you simply need affordable storage solutions, Box-n-Go  has you covered. We provide portable storage units that can be delivered right to your doorstep or anywhere you are in the country. Call our self storage La Mirada at 1-877-269-6461? and reserve your storage space today!

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