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Self Storage Near CSUN

Self Storage Near CSUN

CSUN student storage helping you pack for college or going home for the summer! When you are going away to college it can be difficult to determine which of belongings you should take with you and which items you should put in self storage near CSUN. While it’s no secret that dorm rooms are tiny, you still want to have a little piece of home with you while you are away. There are some things you will have to put in self storage near CSUN storage and others you can leave at home.  So, it begs the question: What should you pack for college?

Of course, you don’t want to take everything with you—there’s simply not enough room in your dorm. However, you can use this list of fun things to pack for college and then place any other items you have in self storage near CSUN. Let’s start with the basics first. 

Basic items you should pack for college include:

– Toothbrush and toothpaste- you have to keep those pearly whites clean at all times!

– Travel Mug – Yes, coffee, tea, and caffeinated beverages will become your new best friend

– Water bottle- Always great to stay hydrated and besides you need to drink water because Mom told you to. 

– Anti-bacterial soap/wipes – Yes, I know you love your new roommate, but let’s face it; germs are germs no matter how super-duper awesome your new roomie is.

Basic items you should pack for your door room


– Sheets- Your dorm may supply a bed, but they may not supply sheets. It’s better to be safe than sorry—besides sleeping on your own fresh sheets is a better option anyway. If you have too many sheets, you can leave the rest in self storage near CSUN. 

– Earplugs- Yes, your college roomies may be playing beer pong all night, but it doesn’t mean you have to participate in the fun.  Get yourself some tiny ear plugs and drown out the noise.  Besides, it will be your turn tomorrow to enjoy the fun! Earplugs are one item you certainly don’t want to leave in student storage near CSU. 

– Alarm Clock- Yes, you may have a handy dandy smart phone, but your battery probably died from you playing games and taking selfies. It’s always best to have a backup. You simply don’t want to be the one to tell the Professor that you are late to class because your phone died. Never leave your alarm clock in CSUN storage- this is a must if you want to pass all your exams. 

– Posters/ Decorations- It are no secret that dorm rooms are small and dull. That’s why you can spice it up by adding your favorite posters, pictures frame and wall art.  We won’t tell anyone you have that old Backstreet Boys poster on your wall. If you get to embarrassed you can always place it in CSUN storage! ?

Basic items you need for cleaning/ sanitary needs

We all know that college is fun; however, it’s also full of germs.  While we don’t want to face it, it is. Sorry, Mom is not there to clean up your mess anymore. You have to do some basic cleaning on your own.  But, don’t fret my friend. Here are some simple cleaning supplies that will have you feeling like maid of the year.  It’s never recommended to leave cleaning liquids and hazardous chemicals in storage near CSUN.

  1. All purpose Disinfectant spray- No surface is immune to bacteria, pathogens or debris.  Make sure you have your spray close at hand and be ready to whip it out at the first sign of dust!  This is one thing you want on you at all times and  NOT in CSUN student storage.

  1. Dust brush- Yes, you want to wipe off any cobwebs or unnecessary debris with one simple swish.  A dust brush will get the job done.  When you have this little cleaning supply at hand, you will be glad that you didn’t pack it by accident and leave it in student storage near CSUN

  1. Liquid Soap- Yes, you will have to maybe wash some dishes and clean your bathroom.  Liquid soap can get the job done for both!

While this is a short list for college packing and what you need before you place your items in CSUN student storage, there are so many other things you can bring to college. However, you don’t want to get carried away and pack more stuff than you need.  Anything you don’t bring, you can place in CSUN student housing and storage.

Let Box-n-Go assist you with all your student storage needs today!

When it comes to packing for college of course and placing your items in CSUN student storage, you can’t take everything with you. That’s why they have CSUN student  storage.If you can’t take all of your favorite things with you, you can leave them in a safe and secure CSUN storage and moving.

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