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Self Storage San Gabriel Valley

Self Storage San Gabriel Valley

So, you are thinking about putting your items in self storage San Gabriel Valley. However, you are not sure what to store.  Have you ever heard that phrase; when in doubt; toss it out? Well, you simply don’t want to toss all you prized possessions out the window, right?   However, there are some things that belong in storage and some things that don’t.  Of course, you know your typical  furniture, instruments, books, and clothes belong in storage, but what are some of the things that absolutely have no place in a self storage San Gabriel Valley.

What items should you not put into storage units in San Gabriel Valley?

While you may think that many people are aware of storage  rules, there are many individuals who try to put items in self storage San Gabriel Valley that simply don’t belong there. So, here’s a guide to help you so you can find out where to store these items.

    1.  Weapons- It goes without saying, if you have guns, knives, swords or any other type of item that can be classified as a weapon, it’s better to keep them on your person. They don’t belong in storage and can cause more harm than good while being stored.

    2.   Drugs- Whether prescription or non-prescription, drugs do not belong in storage units in San Gabriel.  They belong on your person.  While, we don’t condone non-prescription drugs, they are not safe in storage.  The police can easily seize all your belongings out of your storage unit. If you are a prescription medication, it is best to keep them with you at all times. You never know when you need it, and it’s good to have them on you in case of an emergency.

Important rules for any storage units in San Gabriel Valley

    3.  Food– Believe it or not, there are many people who are afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse. It maybe fictional, but there are a lot of people who believe it will happen.  Therefore these individuals are doing whatever they can to prepare.  This often means that they buy a lot of canned and dry goods, and have food storage.  Some of their food storage is so big; they have nowhere to put it, and choose to search for self storage in San Gabriel Valley.   While food storage is a good idea to help during a natural disaster, it’s not a great idea to put an actual storage unit.  Food can attract bugs, and rodents.

   4.  Important documents and Family keepsakes- When you want to keep your important documents safe and secure, you can place them in storage.  However, some documents you need to keep on your person. This includes; identification, passport, checkbooks, money, and family heirlooms.  Instead of placing these items in storage units in San Gabriel Valley, you should invest in a fire proof safe for your home or get a safe deposit box at a bank.

When it comes to determine what to place in storage, use your judgement. If you know there are things you can’t keep in your house, will get you in trouble, or attract rodents, then it’s safe to say that these items don’t belong in Storage units in San Gabriel Valley!

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