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"If you are in need of pod storage...Box-n-Go is the ONLY company you should call! This is a true customer service driven company & I give them an "A" rating. I would recommend them 100%!

Betty F.

Self Storage Units Brea, CA

Self Storage Units Brea, CA

Tips for packing efficiently and getting the most out of your self storage units Brea or any storage in 92821.


If you’re packing any clothing or other compressible materials, consider investing in some compression bags. Simply put the clothing in a bag, and suck the air out with a standard vacuum cleaner hose, and you’ve multiplied the amount of storage space you have several times. Don’t spend money on storing air in your Brea self storage unit.


Think three dimensionally! If you’re packing a lot of things inside your self storage units Brea, start with how you put them in the individual boxes or other containers: you can fit far more into a box if you look at how your items can be turned and rotated around each other. Next, when you actually fill up your units, stack everything! Put the heaviest and largest objects on the bottom and work your way up.


And regardless of whether or not you store lots of little things in your Brea storage unit, or a bunch of big things, consider mapping out where everything is located on a sheet of paper and taping it up in your units; if you’re constantly in and out of the units, taking and leaving things, consider investing in a small whiteboard for the same purpose. This board can be attached to the interior of the door on your units so it is always available for your use.


If you’re keeping any electronics in your units, putting them inside of anti static bags is a great way to keep them safe. The dry sterile environment in any unit can lead to a buildup of static electricity that could be harmful to any circuits. These storage bags are cheap and available to purchase at many stores that deal in computer components, and easily found from many online stores.


For the few folks that may already have storage Brea units or use any other storage 92821, you may want to compare what you are paying to what Box-n-Go Storage charges. They don’t have gimicks like storage Brea facilities have claiming that the “1st Month is Free”. Your rate stays the same the entire time. You should also compare the size of your self storage Brea unit or any other storage 92821 to determine if you’re getting the best deal for your money.


The main thing to remember is – you do not have to work hard to put your belongings in storage 92821. Call Box-n-Go Storage, they will deliver your unit(s), you pack it, and, they will come back to pick it up and store inside their safe and secure Brea storage facility. The storage access is at ground level so you will be able to drive up right to your Brea storage unit. What could be simpler? If you are moving to or from Brea, you can use the Box-n-Go Storage service for your move. Your unit can be delivered anywhere in Southern California. 


 The only choice for storage 92821: Box-n-Go Storage.


If you are not sure how many units you will need delivered to you, order an extra one. This extra unit will be delivered to you just in case and you won’t be charged for it, unless you use it.


Give Box-n-Go Storage a call today to see how we can help you store your items safely and securely for rates that are both affordable and competitive. And, if you currently have public storage Brea units,  storage 92821 or anywhere else we’ll help you move your stuff to Box-n-Go.

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