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Simi Valley storage

Simi Valley Storage

Self storage facilities may seem to be the same all over the country. However, it is important for you to compare what you get for your money at different facilities and how your property is protected against rain, sun, and threats from thieves. Public self storage units need to balance protection with access for their clients. Come to Simi Valley and see the difference of a quality self storage place for those things that you value but have no space for currently. We make storage simple, affordable, and safe for you and the things you’d like to keep in storage.

What is the difference between Simi Valley storage and portable storage units?

When you are searching online for self storage Simi Valley, most likely you will get return listings that showcase actual storage facilities in a specific location. However, you will also get listings that will reveal portable storage units, or traditional storage units. But, what is the difference?

If you have moved in before, you are probably familiar with the traditional  storage facilities. A traditional self storage Simi Valley facility is typically a large building with a myriad of storage garages ranges in sizes from small to large. They can hold a wide variety of items including oversized furniture, dining room sets, exercise equipment, bedroom sets, large sofas,and much more.

What is some storage facilities like?

There are many storage units; however, they all vary in the way they operate. Most likely if you are dealing with a traditional self storage in Simi Valley, you may experience the following disadvantages:

– Limited hours, which makes it difficult to retrieve your items when you need them
– Extra fees- paying for space even when you don’t use it
– Paying extra for ground level access
– You have to rent your own truck and remove your items from storage when ready?

Why are people choosing innovative storage solutions like Box-n-Go?

When you choose a storage in Simi Valley like Box-n-Go, you don’t have to worry about a myriad of issues that may occur in traditional storage. Here are some advantages you will discover when choosing our  storage units:


– Free and easy ground level access to your items whenever you need them
– No extra fees- you only pay for the storage containers you use
– Your packed storage container can be delivered to wherever you are in the country
– Monthly payment options w/flexible discounts
– A hassle-free moving and storage experience

Box-n- Go offering innovative storage solutions in Simi Valley!

While many people still prefer the traditional storage option, there are many that are choosing a different kind of storage option.That’s where portable storage units come in. It’s exactly how it sounds. Instead of placing your items in a traditional storage garage, you will place them in a portable storage unit that can be delivered wherever you are, even when you are across the country. Call Box- n-Go and ask us about our portable storage units today!

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