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Self Storage Van Nuys CA

self storage Van Nuys

Congratulations! You just got married, and now it is time to start living life as newlyweds. However, there is one major dilemma; you have a lot of stuff.  Between the wedding gifts and your spouse’s items, your house looks more like a warehouse than a home.  So, what to do?  You can start by placing some of your items in  Self Storage Van Nuys.

The challenge arises when your husband or wife wants to keep somethings that you want to place in storage. So, how do you determine what goes in storage and what stays? The first step you and your spouse will have to take is to sit down and determine your needs. 

Here are a few tips to help you discover what should go in Van Nuys Mini storage-


       Each of you , can choose one favorite thing that you want to keep

       You can decide which items will go in VanNuys Mini Storage

       You can decide to sell everything and keep your new wedding gifts

       You can place some items in Van Nuys Mini  storage short term or long term until you decide where they will fit into your new married life

       You can decide to place items in storage and retrieve the items whenever you need them

       You can decide you want to start fresh and sell everything in a yard sale


Other important questions you should ask yourself when deciding to place items in storage 91401 and storage 91406.



        Will this item take up too much space in my home?

       Will keeping this item cause tension and arguments with my new spouse?

        Do I use this item every day?

       What are the pros and cons of placing these items in storage?

       What items will my spouse allow me to keep in our residence?

       If I place these items in Van Nuys Mini storage , how long will I need them to be in there?

       Should we create a storage closet rather than placing our items in Public storage Van Nuys?


Choose Box-n-Go as your simple storage solution today!

There are a lot of things you need to worry about being newlyweds, and placing your items in Van Nuys Mini storage shouldn’t be one of them.  If you and your new spouse came to an agreement on which items will go in storage, give us a call.  At Box-n-Go self storage  we can provide you with affordable storage solutions for all your short term and long term needs.


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