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self storage Venice ca

Self Storage Venice CA

If you want your items to be safe, secure and free of damage while they are in self storage Venice, here are some tips you can follow.



   –    Instead of stuffing your clothes in boxes, invest in a hanging rack so your clothes can breathe, be wrinkle free, and in like-new condition.


   –    See if your storage unit has a humidifier. If not, make sure they have a climate controlled unit to prevent humidity


   –    Wash and completely dry all linens, fabrics and clothes before placing them in Venice storage units.


Furniture and appliances

  –    Wipe and clean all furniture and appliances

            –    If possible, disassemble all furniture and appliances

             –    Wrap the dissembled pieces in bubble wrap or protect covering

             –     If you are not able to dissassmble,cover you furniture and appliances with protective gear


Dirt and Debris


While most storage units in Venice Beach ca are tidy, your belongings can still be subject to dirt and debris.

       Make sure you use proper boxes and storage containers that are of high quality.

       Don’t store your boxes too high- this may cause the boxes to tip over and rip.

       Don’t pack any snacks, food or  items that will attract ants and other creepy critters




While you many think that packing flammable items is harmless, it can cause more harm than good. That’s why it is always safe to avoid packing anything that can be hazardous to the entire storage facility.

       No flammable liquids

       Don’t store any lighters

       You cannot store any weapons or firearms

       Try and not to store anything when you are in doubt – If you think it can be harmful, toss it, or take it with you to a  safe place

       Don’t forget to drain out all fluids, oils and liquids from outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers


Choose our self storage Venice CA and discover the difference today!

If you follow these simple tips, your items and belongings will be safe from damage all year round.  Whether you need storage in Venice, Ca for a few weeks or a few months, Box-n-Go  has got you covered.  We offer storage units in the 90291 zip code and the surrounding areas. Call us  today and discover how we can help you keep all your items safe and secure!

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