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South Bay mini storage

?How to use South Bay storage to prepare for a yard sale


There’s never a bad time to have a yard sale in South Bay. However, most people like to have a yard sale during the spring, summer and hotter months.  Why?  Because, they will not be home and they can use a little extra cash for their spring break and summer travel adventures.  

If you ever held a yard sale in South Bay , you know how messy it can get.  Clothes scattered everyway, toys all over the place, and books off the shelves and so on.  Therefore, if you are thinking about hosting a yard sale for the first time, or hosting a yard sale again, here are some tips to help you have a more organized yard sale.


  1. Organize- It goes without saying, but you need to organize. While your customers love a good deal, they hate rummaging through a bunch of stuff just to get to the good stuff.   In fact, you can even use a mini storage in South Bay  as your “inventory closet.”


  1.  Get a South Bay mini storage unit– While you can’t host your yard sale out of a south bay storage center, you can simply leave your entire inventory there.  Sometimes, you may have too many items to present on your front lawn at once or you may not be able to sell directly on your lawn. However, if you have your belongings stored in a mini storage a few miles away from your South Bay home, you can retrieve your items at any time and sell them to your customers.


  1. Store your overstock– It’s a good thing when a yard sale sells out, however, sometimes, you have more inventory than sales.  And, when that happens there is only one thing to do; place your items in South Bay mini storage.  Hey, you never know, you may realize you don’t want to sell the items anymore. Or, upon your return, you can host another yard sale with specials and discounts for the merchandise that didn’t sell the first time around.


Choose Box-n-Go storage  in South Bay  for all your moving and storage needs today!


When it comes to selling your items for a yard sale, you don’t have to leave everything on your front lawn.  A spacious storage unit in South Bay  can hold your entire inventory until you is ready to sell.  Whether you are hosting a yard sale, traveling for the summer, moving out of town, or going to college, Box-n-Go storage  has a wide variety of flexible storage solutions for you.  Call Box-n-Go storage  to find out why many residents, business, and students prefer our  Mini storage in storage over any other storage center in the area!


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