Box-n-Go Contents Protection Plan

Your valuable belongings are important to you. That is why you are taking care of them by storing them with Box-n-Go! Protecting the value of your belongings with a proper loss or damage coverage is your responsibility. You are responsible for the items you are storing and making sure you are properly covered is also your responsibility.

At Box-n-Go we understand that life can present any of us with an unexpected turn. Unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen as the result of natural disasters, weather, and other events beyond anyone’s control. A typical homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy offers little or no protection for your valuable belongings in storage. Box-n-Go offers only limited protection against such risks. For this reason we offer you a choice of Contents Protection Plans to cover your contents and our containers against certain risks. Box-n-Go provides its Customers with a guarantee that their belongings are protected from the unexpected and unforeseen losses by a Limited Protection Coverage or an optional coverage as described here.


The FREE coverage is provided to every Box-n-Go warehouse storage customer (a $7/mo value). It offers up to $500 per container Protection Coverage Limit with $0 deductibles. While Box-n-Go provides a limited liability protection coverage at no cost, this coverage is not a substitute to other coverages you may have or elect to buy, as required in order to fully protect your belongings from the unforeseen events (such as your own homeowner’s insurance policy or one of our optional protection plans which offer protection with no deductibles and for as little as 14¢ a day!). When you select the optional Contents Protection Plan, your contents will be covered against specific risks up to selected plan’s limit by a special policy obtained by Box-n-Go.


Box-n-Go offers a variety of premium coverage plans, all specifically designed for self storage and moving. Learn more about the plans and pricing of plans available for purchase.


No hassles! No deductibles! Protect your stuff today for as little as 14¢ a day!


All our protection plans offer these great features:

-All plans are specifically tailored to cover the valuable belongings stored inside Box-n-Go storage units or transported between your address and our warehouse

-All plans are offered at very low monthly cost

-All plans provide local transit coverage. A nationwide coverage is offered with an special “In-Transit” plan

-Zero deductibles! All plans have $0 deductible.-Plan coverage starts immediately upon receipt of payment

-Business property coverage. Unlike a typical homeowner or renter insurance policy, these plans cover all the property stored, including a business property.

Box-n-Go liability for loss or damage to your stored property is limited. It is your responsibility to insure your goods while they are stored with us. We recommend that you contact your insurance agent to determine if your existing policy applies to your goods while they are in storage. Box-n-Go does not provide insurance. Box-n-Go is not an insurance company. This website page is a general description of the optional Protection Plan coverage and is not a contract or insurance policy.


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