How Box-n-Go Storage Works

Box-n-Go mobile storage-moving concept is very simple – it’s a 3-step process:

1.    First we need you to tell us where, when and how many mobile storage units you need us to deliver. You can call or reserve online the delivery of our secure mobile storage unit(s). We’ll deliver as many mobile storage containers right to your home or business as you need, position them where convenient for you to pack. We will charge you only for the units you actually use.

2.    Second, we’ll leave your mobile storage units with you while you pack. Once you are done, padlock your units and we will come back to pick them up. No need to rush. There is no truck rental to worry about. Load at your own pace.

3.    After the pick up we can either deliver your units to your new location (locally or cross country) or store them for you indoors in our controlled, centrally located, high security storage warehouse.

Sit Back and Relax. Let us take care of the rest.

Storage, Moving Simplified

Box-n-Go mobile storage provides a self storage-moving solution combined with the convenience of home delivery.

This mobile storage solution offers numerous benefits over the conventional self storage and moving

–    you do not have to leave your house to make all the arrangements, pack, unpack, etc.
–    no need to rent or drive a truck
–    no need to load/unload twice (as the case with the mini storage)
–    load/unload at your own pace
–    pay only for the room you actually use.
–    FREE ground level access to your belonging

Suggested Uses

•    De-clutter your home while selling
•    Storage during construction/remodeling
•    Seasonal items storage
•    Storage due to downsizing
•    Clearing the clutter out of garage
•    Free up needed living space for a newborn
•    Students summer storage
•    Records and Document storage
•    Excess or seasonal inventory storage
•    Show exhibits storage
•    Long or short-term storage needs
•    Relocation, local and cross country moving

The benefits and uses can be unlimited. Get your moving and storage quote today! Price Page

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