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It’s that time of year for holiday cheer. But wait!  It’s only spring, however, many people are already thinking about Christmas and the holidays! Have you heard of Christmas in July?  Well, if you know anything about the holidays, you know one thing: stores are packed, shops are crowded, and it can be difficult to even walk out of your house, without running into people stampeding over you to get to the next sale. So, what do some people do? They go shopping early! 


Yes, it’s never too early to go shopping for the holidays.  But there is one dilemma; you have nowhere to put your gifts.  Sure, you can put them in your garage; however, your kids and spouse will most likely rummage through your things until they discover their holiday presents earlier than expected!


The simple solution is to rent Storage in Pacoima.  If you rent storage in Pacoima ca, your family will never have to know. It’s simple; all you have to do is perform a search for storage 91331.  Call the storage facility of your choice and tell them your plans for storing your holiday gifts early. 


Why is Box-n- Go the perfect storage in Pacoima ca for your holiday needs?


While there are many self storage units California, not all of them are alike.  Box-n-go in Pacoima offers a unique advantage because you can have the option of having a storage unit delivered to your place of residence or wherever you are in the country. Therefore, if you need to stash your holiday gifts in storage at Uncle Billy’s house that’s no problem. In addition to offering portable storage units, Box- n- Go is also the perfect storage 91331 for your holiday storage needs.  Here’s why:


-They offer breathable storage units to prevent mold and mildew 

-They offer quick and easy access where you can retrieve your items at any time

– They offer low monthly rent

– They offer (limited) content protection

-They offer state-of-the art security to protect your items from damage and theft

-They offer pick-up and delivery of your packed storage unit to wherever you are


Place your holiday gifts in storage 91331 today!


When it comes to shopping for the holidays, its best if you go as early as possible. This way you can avoid crowds, and get special deals.  What’s even better is that you will have a safe and secure place to store your gifts, and you don’t have to worry about your family and spouse rummaging through your goodies.  As long as you keep your items in  Pacoima storage  they will never know what’s in store for them until they unwrap their presents during the holidays!


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