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"If you are in need of pod storage...Box-n-Go is the ONLY company you should call! This is a true customer service driven company & I give them an "A" rating. I would recommend them 100%!

Betty F.

Storage Near USC Campus

When people can’t get instant; the second best thing they go for is fast. Fast cars, fast food, you name it! Fast storage on or near USC campus! This is normal because the world is indeed becoming technology driven and fast paced. Convenience is what people truly want. Luckily, convenience is what Box-n-Go storage provides for the USC students!

If you are looking for the storage service on or near USC campus that is easy, you’ve come to the right place. If you happen to live on USC campus, then you are very fortunate! Although our storage facility is not located on USC campus, USC storage is definitely part of our services. Your storage needs will be, and can be met. Box-n-Go storage will not wait for you to come over. Box-n-Go USC self storage service aims to bring the action straight to you, whenther you live on campus or near by! Box-n-Go wants to give you the best and most convenient storage experience. Our offer is something that’s going to be hard to ignore; let alone refuse. Imagine being your own boss. Something no one else can offer!

Box-n-Go storage gives you all the time you need to pack. There is no time pressure! You don’t need to rush and panic. Take all the time you need because our UCS storage service isn’t going anywhere! What else are you waiting for? Oh… Is it too early to throw in the final sales pitch? Well, if you are still in doubt on why Box-n-Go Storage service is the best storage service in town, you should consider this fact: there’s absolutely no need for you to rent a truck! Yes, you read that right! No need to handle your possessions twice!

Box-n-Go Storage basically got rid of the most grueling and tiresome part of moving your belongings. We got the truck services all covered up for you. If this still doesn’t convince you that this storage near USC campus is the best service for you, then we don’t know what else can! Actually, we do know what can. Here, at Box-n-Go Storage, our storage offers for the USC students are always top notch. We care about the customers first. We care about your well being and building strong relationships with you; our beloved customers.

Remember, Box-n-Go Storage wants you to be the boss. With that being said, you will have easy access to your belongings. You cannot find easier and more convenient storage service anywhere near USC.

Rest assured, our super high security storage facility located just a short drive away from USC campus. We are aware that as a customer, you always want to be sure and have a peace of mind that the belongings you are storing are safe and secure.

As a USC student, living on or near campus, or any place in Southern California, Box-n-Go storage should be on the top of your list whenever you are in need of a storage service, near USC campus or elsewhere. Who knew that storage near USC campus experience could be fun, exciting, and efficient, all at the same time? It’s true, only with Box-n-Go Storage!

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