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storage near Warner Center

Storage near Warner Center

3 common myths about Storage near Warner Center. Moving and storage can be a simple process. However,  too many people rely on outdated information that makes moving more of a chore than a pleasant experience.  Whether you are moving from Warner Center to another area  or simply need to place your items in storage, we would like to debunk a few common myths about the moving and storage process.  This way you can determine the next steps to take when placing your items in Warner Center self  storage Woodland Hills CA.

Myth 1: Everything Must go on moving Day!

While its tempting to clear out space in your home and put everything in storage near Warner Center immediately. Sometimes this is virtually impossible to do in one day. That’s why it’s imperative to plan in advance.  Instead of waiting for moving day to place your items in Warner center self storage, pack items that you will not be using and place them in storage.  In fact, Box- n- Go makes this process simple for you.  We will deliver storage containers to your doorstep, and once you finish packing. Simply give us a call, and we will come pick them up.  This way your items will be safe in secure in our storage near Warner Center until you are ready to move.


Myth 2:  We still have to rent a moving truck!


While many residents rent a moving truck to transport their items back and forth from storage, it’s simply not necessary. At Box-n-Go, we deliver your packed storage unit(s) to wherever you are.  This simply means there’s no need to drive a moving truck. Pack the truck. Unload the truck, and wait around all day for the truck to arrive.  When you pack your items in a storage unit, Box-n-Go Warner center self storage will deliver your packed storage unit to wherever you are or even across the country!  


Myth 3:  storage near Warner Center is dirty!


While there are many self storage facilities, not all of them are alike. However, when you are looking for Warner Center self storage Woodland Hills CA, it’s important that you do you research. Inspect the place where your belongings will be located. There’s nothing worse than placing your items in self storage only to find out that it’s infested with insects, rodents, and bed bugs.  At Box-n-Go  self storage , we understand that your valuables are important to you.  This is why we provide a clean and safe environment for you to feel confident about placing your items in storage. At Box-n- Go, we provide:


  • Portable storage units that protect your items from mold and mildew
  • A clean, safe and secure state of the art storage warehouse, equipped with maximum security
  • Ground level-access where you can retrieve your items anytime you need them


Box-n- Go can help you with all of your storage near Warner Center needs today!

Whether you are moving or would like to place your items in self storage, you can rest assured that Box-n-Go has you covered. We offer portable storage solutions at an affordable price. Call us today and discover how we can help you have a pleasant moving and storage experience.



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