Box-n-Go Storage Service Policies

The policy summary below is provided as a general overview of Box-n-Go contract terms. See the actual current Terms and Conditions for more details.


Access to Customer’s Goods at Box-n-Go Storage Center.

Customer is entitled to access their Goods stored at Box-n-Go storage facility during the normal business hours, provided that all rent and other charges have been paid in full and Customer’s account is otherwise current.

Customer agrees to give Box-n-Go at least two (2) normal business hours advance notice that the Customer desires access at Box-n-Go storage facility to Customer’s goods. In the absence of such notice, Customer will be required to wait while their container(s) are brought to the access area.

Only the Customer or their authorized agents are allowed access. A proper current form of identification is required.

Disposal or dumping of any belongings or trash items at or near Box-n-Go premises is strictly prohibited. A current published clean up fee will be applied to Customer’s account for non-compliance. Dumpsters may be used for a fee.

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