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Betty F.

storage units near Walnut CA

Storage Units Near Walnut CA

There is a new approach to storage units near Walnut CA. Are you currently storing or using the self storage units near Walnut CA? Or, maybe thinking about it?Before you do, consider a new, more convenient and affordable, storage option. It’s called Box-n-Go Storage. They offer mobile or portable storage containers. They deliver directly to you, no matter if you live in a house, apartment or a business. Compare the old traditional self Storage near Walnut CA to the new portable storage by Box-n-Go Storage. What are these differences and which is the better option for you?


The old self storage near Walnut CA approach

–    Storage facilities, self storage near Walnut CA rent out lockers.  Depending on the storage facility, many will charge an extra fee for ground level storage. In order to transport your belongings, most people rent a truck or hire a company.

–  You will have to pay for transportation. Also, it is necessary to pack the truck, unpack and then pack the locker again.

–   While some storage companies offer climate control in their self storage near Walnut CA, most will charge extra for this added service.  Even if you opt to pay for climate control, you still run the risk of mold or mildew developing within the locker.

–   Once you are ready to move out of your storage units near Walnut CA, you’ll again need to rent a truck, pack your belongings into the truck, drive to your new location and unpack the truck. Or hire a moving company. Think about all the time and money you will need to spend.


The new self storage Walnut CA approach

–   Call Box-n-Go Storage or book your storage units near Walnut CA online, and they will deliver to your home or business. Please book your Walnut storage units at least seven days in advance.

–   No rush in packing your container and you can do so at ground level.

–   Once you pack your container, we will pick it up and bring it to our secure facility for storage.

–    Access at ground level to your storage container is guaranteed and there is no extra fee!?

–   Store your container as long as you need, once you are ready we can have your unit delivered to wherever you need it.  Our service covers all of Los Angeles and Orange County. So if you are looking for storage, we have you covered.

–   If you are moving, even if its out of state, we will deliver your storage units near Walnut CA to where you need it.

–   Box-n-Go Storage system is secure, affordable and convenient!

– The storage is of highest security available!

While the old ways of Self Storage near Walnut CA or self storage Walnut CA proved sufficient for some, the new storage units system provides convenience and competitive prices without having to leave your house.  What other company providing self storage Walnut CA can offer that? Call Box-n-Go today for a free quote. Storage starts at just $59 a month.

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