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Santa Ana Self Storage

But there are many factors that you need to consider: Many people simply pick a storage facility at random, with no value placed on the location of the storage units. You always want to get a unit with a location that is near where you live or at least is near the location you might need to move things to and from the Santa Ana Storage Units. If freeway travel is a necessity, pick a storage facility that is located conveniently by an off ramp, or it possible in your neighborhood. Another option is picking a storage company that will come to you, such as Box-n-Go Storage, since distance to the storage facility becomes a non-issue in that case.


Another pitfall is choosing a storage unit with no concern over the environment inside the storage unit itself. Consider what you are going to store, and how the conditions in the storage units may affect it. If you’re storing any perishable goods, you definitely want a storage unit with refrigeration. If you are storing a lot of paper or cloth items, using Storage Santa Ana CA with proper ventilation to prevent mildew growth could save you a huge headache in the future. And if you’re storing any electronics, furniture, or anything fragile, make sure the unit will be kept at a constant temperature; large temperature fluctuations in either direction can cause cracks in wood, circuit boards, glass, and many other materials.


Many Santa Ana Storage Units companies offer a variety of options for environmental controls. Some people just pick the easiest facility to access, without considering the other people inside the grounds. A storage facility with good security is a must. It is even more imperative if you’re storing anything valuable, but then again, anything you store could be priceless from your point of view. When reading up on storage facilities, always ensure they explicitly state the existence of security; good storage companies like Box-n-Go always will state their security policy, and do everything in their power to keep your goods safe.


This sounds incredibly obvious, but many people pick out a unit without considering unit size. Far too many units have a table wedged in sideways, or boxes stacked way farther up than the user can reach. Always measure the items you plan on storing first, and carefully consider the dimensions of the unit you want. Too little, and you’ll find that space becoming a nuisance. Too much, and you’ll find that you’re just paying for empty space.


Moving your belonging into the storage may not be as easy as it should also. But, residents of Santa Ana have no worries we are providing our service at the following zip codes 92701, 92703, 92704,92705, 92706, 92707! Our storage units are built tough and are durable and protective. They will not only store your items in a secure location, allowing you to enjoy more home space, but they’ll also protect your wardrobe, seasonal decorations, furniture and other household items from the elements.

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