Whittier College Student Storage

For a student, living life in the limited space of dorm can be quite difficult to deal with. More so, due to the fact that one has to share the space. In such a situation, it becomes quite difficult for anyone to keep their stuff safe and secure. Especially the belongings that they don’t need regularly. That is the reason why students looking for Whittier College student storage choose Box-n-Go – again and again.

Hey there Whittier College student!   Congratulations on attending this storied college. Whittier College has been providing excellent values in education since 1887! we know staying there is not easy. is your school year coming to the end? Hitting summer break?  Or maybe you just need a short break from Whittier College and are looking for a place to stash your stuff.  We are happy to step in. Here at Box-n-Go we are experienced with Whittier College student storage needs, not to mention professional and family moving needs. Our system is simple, but it rocks, and we use state-of-the-art systems.  Here is how it works, and how we can help you.

Take a break. Finding storage is easy.

Whittier College Student Storage
Whittier College Student Storage

Take a break, sit back and rest your eyes from studying, or hit the beach.  These are all things you can do while we arrive to your dorm, box up your stuff into the unit, and go.  Yep, that’s right, we bring the storage unit to you.  That means you don’t have to rent a truck or a car to drop your stuff at our warehouse, as it is with most other companies. While you are studying or catching up on the latest with your friends, we can be carefully packing your stuff. This is why we claim to be the most efficient Whittier College student storage solution for you.

Box-n-Go offers two ways to store:

Storage for off campus students

These are Box-n-go storage containers that we deliver close to your housing. You pack them yourself. Once you are done, we come back and pick the whole unit up and take it to storage. This option is perfect if you are living in an off-campus apartment, or if you are sharing this unit with a friend.

Valet storage service – Whittier College student storage

This service is called Box-n-Go U. We mail you a box kit. You pack your belongings into these cardboard boxes. Once you are done, you login to your online account, check these boxes in, much like you check in the luggage at the airport. Print labels, attach to the boxes and schedule the pick-up. On the day of pick up, we come into your home, pick up everything that was labeled and take it to storage. At the end of your summer break we deliver all your items back. You can store your own boxes, furniture and bikes too. This option of Whittier College student storage is perfect for a dorm student or when you do not have a lot of stuff and do not want to do the heavy lifting.

Keep your stuff safe and secure

We understand how important your stuff is to you and that even if you don’t have a lot yet in life, it still matters.  That’s why we take special care to move things carefully.  We never go so fast as to compromise the safety of your belongings.  Over the years we’ve figured out exactly what the students look for while choosing university storage, even specifically to Whittier College student storage.

The best student storage service

We’re easy to talk to.  Just look at our customer service ratings.  We get it what a student like you wants from the ideal moving situation, because we’ve worked with lots of other Whittier College students. In the past five years we’ve not had a single break-in.  That’s right – not a single one!  This is not some miracle we achieved by luck, it’s proof of our great system.  Especially when you compare it to what most storage companies are going through – repeated break-ins.  We achieve this stand-out rate by not allowing anyone into the warehouse that holds your unit, other than our outstanding, trusted employees.  Most storage buildings let anyone in who has a unit there – and that’s where the risk comes in.  By eliminating that risk and employing several other preventative tactics, we’ve ensured your stuff will remain un-tampered with for its stay with us.

The Guideline for Storage

Follow the guidelines below to make packing your mobile units a breeze:

  1. Dismantle large furniture if possible, keep the components together and the fixtures in a bag taped to the piece.
  2. Use cotton covers or dust sheets between surfaces to protect from scratches.
  3. Clearly label boxes and keep an inventory of everything you store.
  4. Leave a center aisle so you can reach items at the rear of the unit.
  5. Plan your storage carefully by keeping items you may need access to at the front.
  6. Place your heavy pieces in the unit first with lighter items on top.
  7. Position boxes and items of similar sizes together it will use the space effectively saving you money.
  8. Place dust sheets over soft furnishings do not use plastic.
  9. Stand mattresses on end to save space.
  10. Stack chairs seat to seat.

Once packed at your own convenience the units are taken to a secure storage facility. This saves you from any packing and unloading of a truck or van and the tiresome commute to a remote traditional storage site. So, now you know how you can get the best of Whittier College student storage.

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