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Temporary Storage Solutions – a Solution for Rooms Full of Stuff

It seems that no matter how big your house is, you never have room for all the stuff that you have. Getting temporary storage solutions is something that many of us have considered, but what is the right type of storage for you?


Whether its a small space for a few items or a large area for vehicles and other items call Box-n-Go. We are your one-stop shop for all your temporary storage solution needs.

Why Box-n-Go temporary storage solutions?

There are many reasons for putting some of your items in storage. Most people tend to think of temporary storage solutions as something for items that have value. Fortunately, temporary storage can serve many situations quickly like when you’ve sold your home but still finishing the purchase of a new one. Getting stuff out of your old house before the new home is ready can be a trying time. Box-n-Go temporary storage solutions offer affordable short-term storage areas that will hold all of your items. Making your families move that much easier.

Efficient temporary storage solutions.

There are many situations where temporary storage solutions can solve certain issues quickly and efficiently. Such as storing the belongings of a loved one after they have passed away or holding items needed for a student during the summer in-between semesters at college. Not to mention vacations or working abroad. You may need to store valuable items in safe, secure storage when your home may be more vulnerable.  All of these situations require the use of temporary storage to solve the problem.

Considering temporary storage solutions.

The biggest obstacle for people considering temporary storage solutions is time and effort needed to haul the items. Most people consider storage facilities that are nearby, but unfortunately, may not have space or features that Box-n-Go Storage can provide.

Mobile Temporary Storage Solutions: 

We bring mobile storage solutions directly to your home. Now you don’t have to rent a truck or worry about driving across town as the portable storage unit is brought to you. Just leave space open in your driveway, load the unit and give us a call to pick it up.

Box-n-Go Storage delivers your items to a new location within the city limits if you are moving a short distance. As well as returning the unit back for subsequent moves.


Give Box-n-Go Storage a call today and find out about our rates and services and see how we can help you store your items safely and securely for rates that are modest and fair.

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